Some Schools Remain Open Despite Cold Weather

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LAKEWOOD, Ohio -- Even with Grace Alven’s dad giving her a ride to school in a warm car, she said, “"It's just so cold that my nose is just frozen."

But despite single digit temperatures, it was business as usual within the Lakewood School District Friday.

But should schools be open when the thermometer says zero?

Reaction from some parents were mixed.

"They missed some days last week because of the weather. You can only miss so many days. We don't live far. It's fine, “ said Joe Alven.

Teri Coons had a different response.

I think it's kind of ridiculous if all the other schools are gonna close, I don't understand why Lakewood can't," said Coons.

Lakewood school leaders declined FOX 8’s request for comment, but in nearby Bay Village, Superintendent Clinton Keener said there are a number of factors that go into making the touch decision to stay open or to close.

"We consider the temperature, the wind, snowfall, visibility, everything we can and looking at the forecast, this morning we were a little alarmed because it was colder early in the morning than the forecast," said Keener.

Districts also check to make sure buses are operating properly and that city roads are clear.

For some parents, schools staying open is simply a matter of necessity.

"I'm a single parent and I don't really have anyone to watch him while I'm at work and what not," said Keith Harris, of Lakewood. "If they weren't open, I don't know what I would do."


  • Rose Comerford

    Well Fairview schools were open and it is terrible, some kids have to walk, and as cold as it is they could get frost bite, or hypothermia. They need to take these long Christmas vacations, and spring break and give them more snow and cold days. I would not send my kid to school.

  • Phillip Neal

    I believe we need to do what is best for all of the students. If you have been a classroom lately you are well aware of the numerous students who are not equipped with coats, gloves, hats & scarfs. I say close the school when it is cold. Our state department of education has offered “Blizzard Bags” or even online assignments so these students can stay safe & warm. Remember we are here to safely educate kids.

  • Ron

    Parma Stayed open, My Daughter has to walk 1.3 Miles to the High School. I start work at 6 am a hour away, So no way for me to give her a ride then go to work. I Kept her home. They marked her Truant even though I called the attendance line for the school and said she would not be there.

  • Jeanette Richardson

    As a bus driver it is a wise choice to close the schools when it is very cold outside……it is the school boards responsibility to look out for the safety for all the kids not provide babysitting services!!!!

  • Quela

    My daughter is in a preschool in Lakewood..I don’t care if the school is open or not my daughter isn’t going…not just because of the cold but driving conditions..I’m not risking it

  • dave wishitwarmup

    schools stay open state holds the money common sense on the parents to keep kids home rule of thumb if you bring your dog in after 10 mins because of the cold don’t make your kids stand outside to catch the bus

  • jonanthan mincey

    Im a junior at lorain high school and a lot of my friends walk to school or ride the bus and its so biterly cold outside that we could end up with frostbite or even hypothermia. The fact that its cold enough to freeze my hair in the morning and us still having school is just plain rediculous.

  • Carole Fisher Biggs

    working parents always need to be prepared with alternate child care plans, either for school closings or illness of their child, so to get upset about the schools being closed because they don’t have a babysitter is messed up. I wonder if they send their sick kids to school because they don’t have babysitters.

  • jdinya3

    There goes another parent thinking of themselves instead of their kids safety. Here’s a tip always have $20 put to the side so if school does close u can pay a babysitter. And if schools are closed u have plenty available. Dont let your kid freeze because you want to be cheap. Also school is for learning not for your baby sitting neads. Thank You.

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