Serious Crash Closes Road in Medina County

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MEDINA COUNTY – Two people were hurt in a two-vehicle collision in Brunswick Hills Township Friday.

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, it happened at 8:22 a.m. on Marks Road just north of Winter Brook Drive.

Marks Road was closed while authorities investigated the cause of the accident.

Gregory Musichuk, 24, Strongsville, was seriously hurt and taken to Southwest General Hospital by ambulance, then lifeflighted to MetroHealth Medical Center.

At the time of this report, he was listed in critical condition.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol said while driving northbound, Musichuk lost control of his car and entered the southbound lanes.

He collided with a pickup truck driven by Gary Tharp, 55, of Valley City.

Tharp was taken to Southwest General Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The crash remained under investigation, but alcohol was not a factor.

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    • marc milinkovich

      om. I was first person on accident scene this morning to help Greg before ems arrived. is he doing ok? metro wont tell me anything of his condition. worried…….marc

      • Katie Thomas

        My boyfriend and his work partner were there when the crash happened (that’s where most of those clothes came from). He was told today that the young man (Greg) had passed away sometime last night. Trying to find the video from last nights news about this but cannot seem to find one. Praying for this family. My boyfriend feels horrible that there wasn’t more he could have done. Very tragic.

  • CJ

    Is there any update on his condition? Apparently the woman in this post stating that he has passed away was giving out false information. Do we have any TRUE update on his condition?

  • AJ

    Ok!! First off don’t know who Marc is or Katie BUT I can definitively tell you my husband and his coworker were there seconds after accident. One other guy was on scene who could not walk up on the wreck . Another woman on scene did not walk up on the wreck. My husbands co worker placed the 911 call my husband went out to check on Greg and covered him with a coat. Someone went to a house asked for blankets then my husband and coworker covered Greg with blankets. The knew his name was Greg from papers scattered in road that they have to police. They tried talking to Greg but received no response he was unconscious. 4 people on scene before ambulance arrived besides two victims. We did hear earlier today from a coworker of Greg’s he passed overnight . Let’s respect him and his family and not post nonsense on here. Surely if it was your family you might feel differently. Our condolences go out to his friends and family.

    • SM

      AJ… On behalf of my nephew Greg, and our family, I want to thank you for your thoughtful comments. Also, please extend our sincere thanks to your husband and his coworker for their compassionate actions. It’s of great comfort for us to know that Greg was tended to in such a caring manner in his final moments. Thank you.

      • AJ

        No thank you is necessary. He did what we’d hope any human being would do which is help! As a mother of. A 23 yr old my heart breaks for you and your family. Trust me my husband and his coworker wish they could of done more. It’s something neither of them will forget. God bless!

    • Kate Thomas

      I am Brian’s (your husbands co-worker) girlfriend. He called me a little while after the accident and told me what happened and how him and you husband tried to help Greg. Very sad that he passed. Was talking to Brian about it over the weekend and he’s pretty upset that they couldn’t do more. Praying for the family.

    • Kate Thomas

      Ok, clearly there is some miscommunication. My boyfriend said there was a video from when Channel 8 came to the scene. He and his co-worker wanted to see it since they were the ones who helped Greg; he asked me to look for it for him. I did and couldn’t find it, so I just simply wanted to know if there was anything besides this one article. That’s all. Not trying to start any problems…

  • AAJ

    Im so sad hearing of his passing. Im in a big foxbody group, and his accident was shared a few different times. I was searching a lot to find answers on his condition after I saw the news article.. I was praying he’d make it. My condolences to his family and friends.

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