Middle School Wrestler Inspiration to Others

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NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio-- Cedric Lehky was never involved in a team sport growing up.

Friday, at North Royalton Middle School he is not only living a dream but shaping the lives of those around him.

At 14 years old, Lehky packs a pretty good punch.

"He grabbed me one day and I'm like this kid is so strong,” said Dan Foldesy, assistant wrestling coach. “He could be an awesome wrestler."

Today, that is exactly what Lehky is: a wrestler for the North Royalton Middle School team.

"He has the wrestler mentality, give it every day, give it all," said 8th grader, Jack Nemetz.

That says a lot for Cedric who has Down syndrome, but that is not stopping him or his teammates.

"Brothers, teams, with teams," Lehky said.

"He taught me to treat everybody equally and he is really my inspiration for him coming out and showing us that he can overcome and don't give up," added teammate, Connor Mills.

Cedric wrestles in every match home and away for the Bears. He uses a special technique to take down his teammates and opponents.

"I got him around the neck and I pin him," he said.

Not only is Cedric a student at North Royalton Middle School and a member of the wrestling team, but he's probably best known for being Cedric 'the entertainer.'

"Cedric is the best dancer in the school,” Foldsey said. “Mr. Phillips plays music every Friday and so the hallway everybody passes through. Cedric is in there busting a move and there is no better dancer."

He's Cedric the wrestler and entertainer and he is touching lives one wrestling match at a time.

"Good for him that he is trying other things," said 8th grader, Nolan Pearce.

"Cedric is accomplishing something that people looked at and said you know, could he really do it? And it's like yeah he can," Foldesy said.


  • Marti

    Oh my goodness! I know someone who is famous at last! Congratulations Cedric-in addition to being a great wrestler and team mate, you are the sweetest kid ever!

    We love you! Marti, Dan and Anna

  • Cheryl DeLany

    WOW! Way to go, Cedric! What an amazing inspiration you are to teenagers all over the USA. We are rooting for you in Texas!

  • Judy Bateman

    I’m sooo…. glad to see and hear this. Somewhere along the line he’s been taught that he is differently abled but not disabled.
    Way to go! Keep up the good work Cedric.

  • Mark and Family

    Way to go Cedric! What a great story. You are a great example for all of our kids. I will show Jacob and Jonathan that you made the news. Your famous :-)

  • Laura Jozwiak

    Cedric, you’re a star! What a great wrestler; we are so proud of you! Keep up the hard work buddy. Hooo, hooo, hooo, hooo!!

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