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Some lawmakers in the state of Washington want to make sure class sizes don’t get out of hand.

According to, a bill would increase school staffing levels each year.  Adding teachers to high-poverty schools would be a priority.

The goal would be to have 17 students in early grades and 25 students in grades 4 through 12.

Schools there now average about 23 students per class.

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  • Erica

    Smaller classes are WAY better! Teachers these days just show up for paychecks because they are burnt out from all the Hyper kids. I took my daughter out of a 33 student class and enrolled her into private school-10 students in class-she is DEFINATELY learning more!!She is doing MUCH better…

  • mary a. russo

    i think if they have teachers control of their rooms again including corporal punishment like we had in school, they would be able to teach better, regardless of class size

  • Ida

    Back in the day I went to a one room school in PA. We had 20 in our school. First thru eighth grade. The teacher had mo problem keeping control of our classes. the parents were very involved. High school we had 18 in our graduating class.

  • sawblade60

    I think that 15 students should be the max because if the class is an hour long, it would mean that the teacher would only have 4 minutes of one on one for each student and that;s not enough time to help a student out when he or she is is in need of help.

  • Becky

    Unfortunatley if you are a teacher in a high povert area like I am, having “control” of your class takes on a whole new meaning than it did in the “old days.” When there is a lack of parenting, discipline, values, and not much educational support or back up at home, then lowering class sizes would make a world of a difference. People have no idea the kind of behavior that we deal with on a daily basis that takes away from educating!

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