Super Bowl Bound: KSU Students to Help Behind the Scenes

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KENT, Ohio-- Some Kent State students and staff are headed to the Super Bowl. They won't be watching the game in the stands, but rather they will be working TV production behind the scenes. And, their broadcast will be going international.

Members of the Kent State TeleProductions Department were getting the satellite truck ready Thursday for its next big assignment.

Engineering Manager Dan Tonelli said they will be broadcasting from Super Bowl XLVIII for Fox Mexico. The network provides the talent and Kent State provides the behind-the-scenes TV production and the satellite signal to Mexico. "I am going to be video operator and engineer 2 on the Super Bowl job," Tonelli added.

KSU sophomore Mike Donelan and senior Chris Nyman are both majoring in electronic media production and are used to covering sporting events. But this is different; this is the Super Bowl. "We're doing all their booth stuff: pre-game, halftime, post-game kind of thing. We're going to set up their booth with all our equipment."

Nyman said he has covered many sporting events, even college football for ESPN3. But, he has never been to an NFL game. "I will be helping set up, tear down, running around helping the engineers and the producer make sure everything is running correctly," Nyman said.

This is the second time Kent State TeleProduction staff and students are working the Super Bowl. Last year, they did a broadcast for the BBC. "There are a lot of trucks out there designed to do other things. This one is set up fairly specifically to do sports,” Tonelli added.

Donelan and Nyman see this as a work experience of a lifetime and more than what they could learn in the classroom. "I have been trying to push it down as it's just going to be just another day at work, just going to be another day at work,” Nyman said.

Donelan said he is not nervous, but excited. “It's just another show. We're going to work; that's that. It’s just a lot bigger with a lot more people watching it,” he said, smiling.

The KSU TeleProductions' crew will leave for the big game next Thursday.

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