Police: Girl, 14, Fatally Stabs Younger Sister 40 Times

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(CNN) — An 11-year-old Illinois girl was stabbed 40 times by her 14-year-old sister, police say, and the reason why has many in the small Chicago-area community of Mundelein reeling in disbelief.

Police found the 11-year-old girl unconscious and in need of medical attention in an upstairs bedroom of the Illinois suburb Tuesday morning. She later died.

Because the sister, who called police, initially told officers an intruder was to blame for the attack, authorities briefly placed three schools on lockdown.

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The truth, when it emerged, was even more shocking.

The 14-year-old, authorities say, repeatedly stabbed the victim — her half sister — with a kitchen knife because the teen thought she was ungrateful.

“This incident is a heartbreaking tragedy that defies understanding,” said Mundelein Mayor Steve Lentz. “I am asking the Chicagoland area, please pray for us. Pray, first of all, for the family that has been devastated by this.”

Intruder in the house

Police received a 911 call about the incident at 8:30 a.m Tuesday. The call came from the 14-year-old girl, said Mundelein Police Chief Eric Guenther.

The teen told emergency dispatchers that an intruder had barged into the home, attacked her sister and then fled.

Schools in area were immediately placed on lockdown, Guenther said.

“The area-wide school lockdown lasted only 15 minutes,” he said.

But the teen’s story unraveled quickly. Under police questioning, she admitted to the attack, authorities said.

Feeling unappreciated

The teen told police she was mad that her sister didn’t appreciate all she did for her, prosecutors said at the suspect’s detention hearing Wednesday.

The teen said she cooked dinner for her younger sibling and performed other chores. She was also angry that the 11-year-old girl had recently hit her.

The night before the attack, the teen thought about it for about 10 or 15 minutes, then went downstairs and grabbed a knife, according to prosecutors.

After the stabbing, she took a shower to wash off the blood, called police and made up the story about the intruder, prosecutors said.

The 14-year-old was arrested and was charged with murder.

The case is in juvenile court and a decision could be made in the future to move the case to adult court, the Lake County State Attorney’s Office said.

Playing together

Those who knew the girls said they lived at the home with their mother. Neighbors said the siblings seemed close.

The girls were often seen playing together and practicing cheerleading routines, CNN affiliate, WLS reported.

“They would always be together,” Mary Ann Gryder, a neighbor told the affiliate.

“The older one would be taking care of the younger one, and vice versa.”

–By Lateef Mungin, CNN

–WGN contributed to this report


    • Heather

      That’s real dumb to say, how many ‘dads’ get visitation and end up killing their kids because they lack patience. Maybe u should put something like, ‘parents should work harder at keeping the family unit together so children ain’t left alone to raise themselves while mom or dad has to work all the time.’

      • Jim

        Agree – it takes two – when you decide to have kids, it is time to quit selfish behavior and work towards building a strong safe family environment. No guarantees – but it sure beats a dysfunctional household

  • Tina

    It takes a hell of a lot of rage, and stamina, to stab someone that many times. That kid has some serious mental issues. This was about far more than an ungrateful sibling…

  • Kathy

    This is so sad. There was underlying issues for this
    teen to kill her sister. We don’t know enough to judge.
    As far as single parenting….the nuclear family is ideal
    however things don’t always work out. I raised 3 educated,
    productive kids without child support and thankfully
    my ex who became involved with drugs, had no contact. This teen
    sounds like she has a lot more problems then we know.

  • Lisa

    I beleive this child may have had alot of anger built up in her whether it was from parents breakup or feeling neglected or even jealousy. we really don’t know, but there was definitely something going on. children get mad at their siblings and fight but just to walk in while sister is asleep and stab her 30 times there is something mentally wrong with this child.

    • Kay

      I agree with you. Families are in such danger now days. I believe that if parents used the guidelines found in the Scriptures the world would be so much better.

  • debbie

    When 2 people decide to have children, they need to be responsible, it seems older siblings are always required to play mom and its not the older sibling responsibility. That 14 year old was cooking, doing laundry, cleaning etc but its not a child responsibility its the mom and dad, and quit having children if you dont want to take care of them. Where is the baby daddy

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