Mom Lands on Child Abuse Registry After Leaving Son in Car

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Some people say a New Jersey court has gone to the extremes to punish a mother who left her young son sleeping in the car while she ran an errand.

An appeals court ruled the mother was guilty of child abuse last week, the New York Post reported.

The woman went into the store for a few minutes and when she came out she was arrested.

Police say her son was not hurt and slept through the whole incident.

She was placed on the child abuse registry, even though a social worker visited her home and found her kids were well cared for.

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  • Donna Lee

    I don’t think she should have been charged with child abuse. However, in today’s society….I as the mother of an 8 year old child NEVER leave her in the car alone for any amount of time. Things happen in an instant! I wake her up even to go into the store, because those few minutes can turn into tragedy! Just me!

  • Andrew Howell

    mixed feelings on this. I have seen parents do it out side a 7-11, where they could see the kids, Also out side stores like walmart where they could not. Now the parent at the 7/11 just went and paid for gas. I don’t have a problem with that. But going into a big store were you cannot see your car.. no way

    • Susan

      Never under any circumstance leave your child alone in your car! no matter what the weather is, anything can happen in an instance! choking, kidnapping, anything in this day in age!

  • kathie

    I agree with everyone but I do think the punishment is way overboard–on a child abuse registry?!! A stern official warning would have been enough. She was apparently a good mother otherwise.

  • McQ

    Really? Anything could happen in an instance in any day or age. I refuse to raise my children to be petrified of the world we live in. That only fosters fear of other people and a fear to be a part of the world. If my 8 year is sleeping and I need to run in the gas station to pay for fuel I will lock the car, beep the alarm and keep an eye out until I’m back.

    The problem with most people is they are tittilated and entranced by all of the tragic news that the media sensationalizes and don’t put any of it into a real-world perspective.

  • Brandi Kinney

    I have quite a few times left my daughter in my locked car to run into a gas station to pay for fuel. However I would NEVER leave her in the car to go into Walmart or some place like that. And I only leave her if she’s sleeping. And only because I’m inside for only a few seconds and only if I can park where I can see my car. Also, right or wrong, I was taught to never wake a sleeping child.

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