BP Gas Station Robbed at Knifepoint

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NORTH OLMSTED, OH -- Police say the BP gas station on Lorain Avenue was robbed Monday night.

The robbery happened around 8 p.m. and was caught on camera.

The surveillance video shows the suspect walking in and going right around the counter. The suspect then pointed a butcher knife at the clerk and demanded she open the cash register.

She quickly complied and it didn’t take long for him to collect all the money and leave the store.

“He is armed, he is dangerous, so be careful,” said Detective Dan Barrett with the North Olmsted Police Department.

Little information is being released about the suspect, but police did say he’s somewhere in his 20s.

“We believe we have him identified. A warrant has been issued for him, so we're just out looking for him right now. Hopefully we'll get him soon,” said Detective Barrett.

He said the suspect stole a car right before the robbery. The victim was a 94-year-old man. He was walking to his apartment when the suspect grabbed his keys and took off in his Honda CR-V.

"No injury to the elderly male. He just kind of batted his hand away and grabbed his keys from the door,” he said.

The CR-V is a 2008 model and is grey in color. The license plate # is 609WWD.

Anyone with information on this crime should call North Olmsted Police.


  • Pamela

    I worked at this gas station location this past spring through early summer as my second job and was robbed too. They have a night security window and choose not to use it. Instead they have chewing tobacco blocking the window where you can service customers safely. I terminated my employment with them due to the fact their location near I480 and their lack of concern for their employees safety left the clerk on duty vulnerable to theft and or robbery. Shame on the district manager Cathy and upper management for not securing this location further after the incident I was involved in. I still have nightmares from my incident. With that being said, please pray for the store employee involved in this crime. And also the elderly gentleman and his family that was a victim as well.

  • John Smith

    There is simply no deterrent to prevent this type of crime. A would-be robber will take his chances with getting caught. For convenience stores and even banks you might as well hang out a sign: ROB ME!

    Everyone feels gratified and justified when there’s no injury involved. But what about the emotional trauma to the victim and the increased risk to the public until the suspect is apprehended? An employee and the public are not allowed to adequately defend themselves because it’s not socially progressive enough for the social elites who in live in a world outside their minds.

  • Kelly

    I walked in this gas station last week, the women working their felt funny about one of the males in the line because he was looking in her open register, she even called her boss to make a comment about it. After the other customers left the gas station it was just me another lady customer and the worker and we talked about how she felt upset and uneasy about the man looking over into her open register. Now this … Hummm I wonder if it’s the same employee how sad for her and she warned her stupid boss

  • David

    Thanks in part to “section 8”, there goes the neighborhood… this kind of stuff was virtually unheard of in North Olmsted up until recently… last month a break-in at the AT&T store on Lorain Rd./Sparky Ln., cop cars circling around Walmart, Target, and the mall picking up thieves around the clock. Hopefully the public can make a difference by being vigilant and more aware of these unwelcome scums of this earth in our neighborhood.

    • John Smith

      WHOA …… Dave, where have you been? It’s not YOUR neighborhood … it belongs to all the lowlife, scum bag, ghetto garbage, slime ball, urban terrorist, gangsta thugs …. it’s DIVERSITY …. it’s EQUALITY …. it’s forced integration …. welcome to Planet of the APES!

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