2 Found Dead in Killbuck Twp. Home

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KILLBUCK TOWNSHIP, Ohio — Two people were found dead from apparent gunshot wounds in a Killbuck Township home.

The victims were identified as Tiffany Doney, 26, and Robert McVicker Jr., 25.

According to Sheriff Timothy Zimmerly, the two had a relationship but were in the process of splitting up.

According to an uncle of Doney, the couple had a 5-year-old daughter. He said of the incident, “No one saw this coming.”

Both lived at the County Road 292 home where they were found, but Doney had been staying with her father for several days.

Zimmerly said Doney returned to the residence she shared with McVicker to get some of her belongings.

Her father became worried when he could not get in touch with her and notified police.

The sheriff’s office made a welfare check around 6:39 a.m. Monday.

The doors were locked but through a window deputies could see what looked like a person lying on the floor.

They forced their way inside and found the bodies.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation was called and will take over the case since McVicker is a family member of an employee at the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office.

A spokesperson for BCI said it is too early to release any details of their investigation.

Autopsies will be done by the Stark County Coroner’s Office.

Zimmerly tells Fox 8 News that residents in the area should not be worried for their own safety because it looks as though this may have been a murder-suicide, however the investigation is not yet complete.

Doney and McVicker had a child together.  Zimmerly said the child was not at the home at the time of the shooting.

Rely on Fox 8 News and FOX8.com to bring you updates on this story.


    • Mark

      Why don’t we let the law enforcement personnel handle this, not somebody with a bias and no one scene knowledge.

  • D.

    I hope that you have proof of your statements, you are making some serious accusations. Sometimes it is better not to name names on a public site.

    • Me

      I agree with D. You got these loud mouths that know all just ask them. Instead of playing the blame game that at this point does but doesn’t matter. Should be focused on what really matters the poor little girl in this situation. Plus not to mention there parents that will never see there children again.I liked both of them and I nor none of you guys are in there situation, and really should keep your opinions to your selfs.

    • Mark

      She may be right, but she could also be wrong. Defamation of character could get her a lawsuit if she is wrong.

      One of the reasons free speech shouldn’t be so easy to speak, so to speak. Anyone with website access can throw any kind of info out…

      • J

        Wow it’s amazing how people can run their mouths while there is so many family members and friends goin threw hell right now! There is ALWAYS two sides to every story and maybe you need to get them both before you start bashing other peoples loved ones! This is a very tragic situation but what should not be forgotten is there are two very special people gone and a beautiful young girl who lost her whole world!! And for these people who feel they need to bash either one of her parents shame on you!!! This little girl needs love and support and to never have to go a day without hearing how loved she was by both her father and her mother!! May GOD bless all your hearts and change your attitudes before they cause more harm than good! Gonna miss you Goeff and Tiff and you will always be in our hearts!! See you both again <3

  • Nicole

    We’ll as a third party observer and based on what the news is reporting it looks like he did shoot her, and trees no finer punishment then hell for him but now his daughter will suffer shame on him

  • t

    I also knew both of them and I will say it doesn’t matter who did what. We the public should be praying for this little girl and the families. They are going through a lot right now and could use our support and prays.tossing ugly accusations out there on who did what and how everyone is covering things up is only going to make things worse. please please please think about what your saying before you say it this little girl does not need to hear from others what you are saying. RIP tiffany and Geoff (Robert). And prays for the family and their beautiful little girl.

  • llb

    this is a tragic situation GOD be with this little child and the families of both parties we can not cast a stone if we are not without sin.. my prayers are with this family this is something that will be remembered in the families lives for ever and shame on us for not thinking of this child above all else she is not going to have her father give her away at her wedding she is not going to call her momma to tell her she is going to have a child . these were so important to me to have my father walk me down the isle to call my momma and tell her she was going to be a gramma. this little girl will not have that she won’t be able to tell her mother about her first crush she won’t have her parents at any important even in her life that has all been taken away laying blame will not make this situation go away nor will it heal any wound.

  • zach leeson

    you all must be some low life peice of shits. get on a social media and post that kind of stuff. thats my cousin you guys feel the need to blast about why dont ya try havin some what of a heart and think about the family members goin thru this tragedy. we have all dealt with enough the past few days then to read these kind of accusations and comments is just sickening. i hope you all feel real high of yourselves for these comments cause you cant even begin to understand wat both of these families are going thru. its just as hard for us dealing with the loss of tiff she has been part of our family for just about as long as we can remember and we will love and miss them both dearly. words cant even describe our loss.

  • Voice of reason

    Someday this poor little girl is going to have the opportunity to read all of these comments. Think before you post in a public forum.

  • family comment

    The family has set up a benefit fund for Paiten McVicker, daughter of Robert G McVicker and Tiffany Doney. The McVicker family is asking that in lieu of flowers, anyone who wishes to contribute to donate to Paitens fund. Donations can be made in person or check by mail to the First Knox Bank in Millersburg, Oh. c/o Paiten McVicker Benefit Fund. We appreciate all your thoughts prayers and support.

    First Knox Bank
    225 N Clay St
    Millersburg, Oh 44654

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