1 Arrest After Baby Severely Burned with Hot Water

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Courtesy: MGN Online

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A 23-year-old male was arrested for child endangering after a one-year-old was burned with scalding water, according to Cleveland police.

According to police, paramedics found the female toddler unconscious when they arrived at the East Side home.

They learned the baby had sustained severe burns, reporting that she appeared to have been dunked in scalding hot water.

Police said the baby had second degree burns to her feet and buttocks and was taken to the hospital in serious condition.

The suspect’s name has not yet been released.

Stick with Fox 8 and Fox8.com for more details on this developing story.


  • Linda

    I have an idea – Someone should dunk him in scalding hot water…hold him there for a bit – let’s see how he feels. People are so CRUEL!!! These poor babies do nothing to deserve all of the pain people are putting them through… :(

  • Phyllis Dutton

    Once again, I seriously feel that if we had “an eye for an eye” punishment in this country, idiots like this one would think twice before committing these horendous acts!

  • Mandy

    Seriously, if you don’t want your child you created, GREAT!!!! please contact me, or any of the other million people who love children and would give these babies the world…=(
    This makes me ill….

  • tanisha

    Probaly another baby daddy, impregnating bkack women like a jack rabbit. And the abusing a poor baby. Shame on you sicko

    • smiller

      You’re right. It was on the east side too so there ya go. Why are black people so violent? You could blame it on ‘discrimination’ by other races in this country. But take a look at so much of the continent of Africa! I wonder what percentage of people that would be incarcerated over there if our standards of enforcement were in place over there as well.

      • Jennie

        SMILLER: There is violence In all cultures that doesn’t mean all cultures are violant I believe some people make it harder on some cultures than others.

  • D.

    Exiled nothing, execute the scum. Hurting babies and elderly is a cowardous crime. I agree, burn the jerk first then execute him. One – right between the eyes.

  • Kristen Lynn

    sad part about this is this scum bag will get his child back! Here in the US we treat the scummy low life people like gold! We cater to criminals and the innocent suffer! What a joke.

  • Rae Lynn Maley

    He should be punished by doing to him what he did to that precious baby. See how he likes it! what the hell is wrong with people that someone would do this. prayers to the child!!!

  • Jennie

    SOME INDIVIDUALS are just Breeders and it seems that’s what this THING is. He needs to made and example of why beeders should not BREED. This thing will get his in the end.

  • Kathy

    EYE FOR AN EYE – that is the punishment that we need to imply on crimes committed…..not jail, not probation, simply eye for an eye. DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU’D HAVE DONE UNTO YOU.

  • Dave

    He burns a child and you with hold his name for protection, just release his info so us fed up citizens can serve him with some real justice!!!

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