WATCH: Home Depot Worker Catches Baby

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(Photo Credit: YouTube video still)

An employee at a Home Depot in Alaska is being called a hero after catching a baby who tumbled from a shopping cart.

On Sunday, Dale Strickland posted a video of the save on YouTube with the description, “my brother saving a baby falling off a cart at home depot.”

As of Thursday morning, the video had more than 144,000 views.

The Alaska Dispatch confirmed Strickland’s brother, Chris, is the employee who made the save. He declined to comment.

According to a story posted on, the store plans to honor Chris Strickland with the chain’s Angel Award. It’s given for exceptional acts of heroism.

Child safety advocates warn against putting car seats on top of shopping carts.


  • Jen

    Seems sketchy, If his brother posted this on YouTube, obviously someone must have been video taping the whole time. I can’t see the store giving this video footage to the employee or even his family member.

    Also, I know retail workers don’t perform their job to 120%, but I’ve NEVER seen one just walking in circles, almost looks like he was waiting for something like this to happen!

    • People annoy me!

      You can say it looks “sketchy” but how are you going to say retail workers don’t perform their job 120%?? Maybe all the retail workers you came across didn’t like you bc from your post you seem like a know it all, sorry honey you don’t know everything! And there are a lot of retail workers that take pride in their jobs and do perform 120%! And plus for all you know he could of been security there and was standing there to make sure no one pushed something out and he had the video and sent it to his brother and then his brother posted it, could be a thousand things. At the end of the day I’m glad the baby didn’t land on the floor.

    • Seth M Lyons

      You can see that the video is a recording of a previously recorded video, with multiple screens which appears to be a security playback of multiple cameras. Most likely he recorded the playback of the security footage with his phone and didn’t actually receive a copy. And it’s possible that the brother actually works in the security department. Siblings often get each other jobs at their place of employment.

    • Seth M Lyons

      Also, if you’ve ever been to home depot, you know there are ALWAYS employees just standing there asking you every five feet if you want assistance with something. It’s actually quite annoying.

    • Audra

      there are always employes standing and waiting for customers to ask questions at home depot, if your skeptical look it up insted of talking shit…. this man was in the right place at the right time! he reacted quickly and possibly saved that baby’s life, Just amazing the stores video camera caught it! ( fyi idnt think ppl are on the rafters taking videos with there phones and mother are pushing their babies outta the carts to make viral videos…) :) Great Job Chris!!

    • Stephen

      Well you do make a valid point. Even if he did know, He made sure that if it did happen, and it did, that the baby won’t get hurt.The way I see it, saving a Baby makes a hero no matter how it seems to play out.

  • Paul

    if it is real, the parent is not bright. First the kid is not strapped in the car seat, then the car seat is not strapped onto the cart.

  • Lisa Ruper

    Why when something bad “supposedly” happens people are so on the heros side. Like the lady who got no tip for her sexual orientation. But when something good even if its “supposed” people are down on them. Regardless if true or fake its still sweet and helpful and just plain nice. Rejoice in the fact people are faking good and not bad. Just saying! BTW IM not saying that the sexual orientation was bad the no tipping was the bad part. lol

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