Download: Guy is Forced to Throw Out Gatorade Collection

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Credit: Brodie Smith Time via Youtube

A man’s lifelong collection has found its way to the trash, after his mother forced him to throw away every Gatorade bottle he ever collected.

Luckily the man’s brother thought ahead to tape the moment when his life’s passion went into the garbage. It was all to the soundtrack of Vitamin C’s “Graduation (Friends Forever) song.”

In the video, the man goes through every flavor he every collected including those nearest to his heart “Superbowl Berry” and “Victory Lane Orange.”


  • Robby Reed

    My family photo’s are among some of the things I hold dearest to me because it’s a view into the past you’ll never get back. Object collections can always be replaced.

    • russell

      robby, have you ever collected anything? some of us do and some of those things I collect cannot be replaced ever as they are never going to be produced again.yes it was just a bunch of bottles, but to him it was his bunch of bottles. he maybe should of had them packed away neatly so they wouldn’t look so bad, but I don’t think he should have been forced to throw them out. my opinion only.

  • Jackie

    Would never get rid of my vintage Barbie collection!!!! It is something I cound not replace. Its not like there are a whole lot of 1959 Barbies still in their boxes. It is special because my dad helped be build my collection. Long from now when my dad is gone I’ll have the memories of him and my vintage Barbie collection.

  • Eddie Kitko

    My most prized possession is my wife Cindy Kitko the beautiful little girl I met in first grade! She is my wife of 26 years! I Love You Cindy!

  • Sean Walsh

    I’ve collected vintage stadium seats from some of the most famous sports venues in the Country and have over 100 different seats in it.Been collecting them since 1987

  • Joe Code stud

    White boy problems. Better they collect Gatorade than go around cleveland heights assaulting and shooting people.

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