Monkey Quarantined After Biting Incident

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VERMILION, Ohio -- A spider monkey is expected to be placed in quarantine after biting an employee at a Vermilion car dealership, according to police.

The employee said he was helping to remove plates for the customer's car. When he was finished, he walked over to the window of the car and saw a man sitting with a white-bellied spider monkey named Brodi.

The man asked if he could pet the monkey, and after getting permission, put his hand inside the car. The monkey smelled his hand and then bit his right thumb, according to the police report. The bite mark caused a small puncture wound and started bleeding.

The employee said he went to Mercy Hospital for medical treatment.

The monkey's owner told police he didn't have an exotic animals permit, but said Brodi had received a rabies vaccination earlier this year. Police were able to confirm that with a veterinarian in Missouri.

Police told the owner he needed to secure a facility to quarantine the monkey for a 72 hour watch.



  • Sue Cox

    Why did the irresponsilbe owner not have the proper permits? Primates also carry germs which may not affect them at all, but when passed on to humans are well known to be fatal. I am not talking just about rabies.

    • Mark Brennan

      Well known? No human has ever died from a
      Monkey bite, with the exception of two. Both were lab animals infected by the lab workers. One scratched. One had body fluids squirt in her eyes.

      No one has been sick or died from a non laboratory monkey.
      Get your facts straight.

      “Well known”. Hahahaha. Yah ok.

      • Susan chadwick

        It’s sad that people kill primates . This little guy has a comfy home. I do not know the state laws where you are..but I do know death is not appropriate. It should be called murder I signed the petition.

  • Pam Naumann

    All responsible exotic pet owners have their pets tested for any diseases that may be transmitted to humans. These types of diseases spoken of were more prevalent in the days people brought wild non-human primates into the US from other countries. That is no longer permitted. Pet monkeys are bred in this country and no longer carry the risk they once did. I am sure this owner has had Brodi tested. I’d be more afraid of what the human could transmit to the monkey. As far as rabies, vets that care for non-human primates do not usually vaccinate against rabies. That would be like a human being vaccinated against rabies. I’m sorry but there is a lot of rumors instead of facts. PETA, HSUS, and other organizations like them have allowed these rumors to continue and even add to them in order to move forward with their agenda. I believe monkey owners should protect themselves and their pets by not taking them out into the public. Any animal…dogs and other domesticated animals included…will bite if they are startled or feel trapped. It’s really all about education and responsible pet ownership. Accidents happen. This world is a sad place these days.

  • Pam Naumann

    My understanding is this owner was in the process of obtaining the new permits. Prior to 2014, they did not need a permit. I believe the state hasn’t issued any permits thus far. False/Incomplete reporting just adding to the issues…

  • Mark Brennan

    Jacob, the owner, knows this monkey bites and has bitten before.
    Both of these twin brothers were recently arrested in Florida after they stole two gibbons worth $50,000. Arrested for home invasion, burglary, grand larceny, illegal Possession of exotics, attempt to sell without a license and much more. Glad the monkey is now in a safe place.
    They will never get him back. Both are criminals.

  • Vickey

    The two brothers need to be arrested for being liars and thieves, and the monkey needs to be taken away and given to a RESPONSIBLE owner, because these two idiots are not responsible and don’t deserve the honor of having a primate!

  • thymekiller

    Where in the article does it say anything about 2 brothers and multiple primates? I only read a story about a man and a monkey. And yeah, if you put your hand out for any animal that doesn’t know you, you take the chance of getting bitten. The monkey did receive a rabies shot, and I understand the permits are coming. So what’s the big deal?

    • Mark Brennan

      Rabies shot for monks means nothing. Very few people do it, in hopes it will keep the victim from calling authorities. It has no effect on monks nor ever meant for or tested for monks.

      And…. The only way to tell if a monk has rabies is to cut its head off, pull out the brain and test it. Period!

  • AnnMarie Morales

    I’m so sick of these officials putting animals to death because they refuse to acknowledge that an animal bites. Plain and simple that is their nature. We as humans put the animals in the situations that cause these events. But if the animal has had its shots and they are up to date, why should the poor animal die???

  • Wayne dawlson

    This for Brandy wherever that comment went .I hope someday a rabid dog bites you or if god forbid someone like you reproduces, your god awful spawn. Why would you blast a person for being bit by an animal, especially a filthy monkey . If you are bit please stay home and let the disease fester as we will be a better place and can enter you as a Darwin Award winner
    By the sounds of these two idiots record, I wouldn’t trust them as they are convicted animal thieves among other things. And god only knows what they do with that monkey.

  • Dolph C. Volker

    One commenter here hit the spot. All animals bite— accept it. My poodle bit me many times as a child. My dog now nibbles me and it hurts. Animals defend themselves. Make sure they are vaccinated and limit exposure to other people if your the owner.

  • Claire

    I think we are missing the point, how can this animal be put down if his shots (rabies) are up to date? Does this mean that they can put down any animal (pet) they choose, even when vaccinations are up to date? Then why get the vaccinations if they can be disregarded.Power hungry politics gone awry!

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