Police: 17-Year-Old Robbed on Way Home from School

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CLEVELAND, OH – Cleveland police are looking for two thieves after a 17-year-old girl said she and her friend were robbed on the way to the bus stop.

The victim said she and her friend were walking on East 55th Street towards St. Clair on Monday, when two men walked up to them and pushed her friend to the ground. According to the police report, the men started beating the man while he was on the ground. The victim said the suspects then took several items from her including her social security card, wallet, cellphone, and jacket.

The first suspect is described as wearing a black hoodie, blue pants, had both ears pierced, black and white shoes, and a dark complexion.

The second suspect was described as wearing a red hoodie with a black backpack, black pants, low haircut, right ear pierced, a scar on the right side of his face, and a brown complexion.

The victim’s friend was picked up by his mother and taken to the hospital, according to police.


  • shar

    it is not all about racial and this is not known yet…..this is happening all too often. Kids can’t even get to school and home safely. It is a shame and I am glad I lived in a time where I could walk to school. C’mon people

  • Mark

    why oh why do people carry their social security card? You only need it when completing a job application – IF the HR person actually asks for and looks at it.

    Otherwise, it is a simple printed card that identifies nobody – but yet is your entire identity. It’s like carrying your birth certificate… there is no reason for it!

  • DeeW

    John , please stop trying to present yourself as being somewhat educated. Your views are strong , but your grammer is not….please dont try to add words you created yourself to these posts…….idiot!

  • MrsLittle

    John Smith, you must loooooooooooooooove black people. U r reading the headlines and since you believe it’s black people why do u even bother reading. u yourself, is ignorant because i’ve seen comments from you on alot of these articles and you show no care and concern period. yet u at home behind a computer. u probably one of them ones who dont even look a black person in the face walking down the street, one of them scary move out the way white ppl…goodnight. i love being black! Yal hair stink, how about that!

  • Jasmine Amison

    The racism is terrible now!!!!! The issue isn’t about if the person was black or white. The issue is the robbery…. if that was the case then we should just be segregated again…. what’s the point of this freedom shot…. when everybody still unappreciative of how all this started!!!! Grow up!!!!

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