Plugged In: Is It Okay to Linger at Restaurants?

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A McDonald’s in Queens, New York is giving customers 20 minutes to eat their meal.

It’s an effort to keep customers from lingering in the restaurant for hours.

The franchise owner told television station WPIX that customers, primarily senior citizens, are lingering for hours as they nurse a coffee or share a bag of french fries. The owner said it’s hurting business.

One customer said he was removed by police for staying too long.

Read more about the story here, and then head over to our Facebook page to let us know what you think. Should restaurants be allowed to limit how long you stay?

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  • Jujubean

    I agree it’s called fast food you go on and get out. You want to chat and hangout go to a coffee shop or fine dinning place, not mcdonalds.

  • Becky Quiggle

    There is a difference between fast food and a sit down restaurant with a waitress depending on her tips. fast food they can stay as long as they want. a regular restaurant they need to leave after a certain amount of time if the place is busy

  • Dusty

    It’s not hurting anyone if a few people sit there and sip their coffee while reading the paper. These people paid for their meals and should be treated as such. Since when did people stop caring about others and it became all about earning a buck? That mcdonalds is in New york. Now we all know they’re many homeless in that city. So they buy a coffee and sit in a warm place. Seniors that worked all their life and now just want to sit for a cup of coffee.

  • stacey

    We linger for an after dinner coffee unless we see people waiting for a table. If there are some waiting we eat and leave. We paid to eat there not camp out.

  • doggercise

    they are citing old people nursing coffee as the reason for the law. but the real reason for it is to make a law that gives them an excuse to kick out annoying teenagers. in the old days, a restaurant manager didn’t need a law or rule to kick out people: he did so merely because that was his responsibility.

  • Angie

    what about the people who get one small drink and let their kids play in the play land for 6 hours at a time? These people bring all their kids and let them run the place while they are on their phones or computers. No adult supervision .. Its hard to eat while you have the feeling you are having to babysit others children .. I think there should be a time limit on how long you can allow someone to be there.

  • Deborah

    I call it loitering. When you want to chat go someplace else and do that? For instance the library in Painsville wants no loitering there either. There is a sign that is posted People over there ignore it. That is why they have a police officer there. And there some character’s in there.

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