Man Charged Nearly $1,700 for Waffle House Breakfast

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A quick breakfast at a Waffle House left one North Carolina man with a money mess.

Jim Andrews said he almost had a heart attack when he looked at his receipt for breakfast and saw it cost him $1,666.61, according to FOX Carolina.

Andrews said the bill was only supposed to be $16.51, but when the cashier rang him up it was a lot more.

He said he went back and forth with the cashier who argued with him about the charge. After several calls, Andrews finally got in touch with Waffle House’s Corporate Office and they were able to reverse his pending charge.

Andrews said one of the waitresses told him the 6 on the machine was sticking, and that’s what caused the outrageous charge. He said he’s learned to read his receipts very carefully.


  • Mama x2

    went back and forth with the waitress about the charge? I would think she would know he did not eat that much, how silly he had to call corporate office.

    • Paul

      this is waffle house after all. Yes, you would think the cashier would be smarter than that, but she proved otherwise, didn’t she?

      • Michael Hostetler

        What happened was wrong not doubt, but to paint everyone that works at a place like this as being either dumber or non-caring is wrong also… now i do believe when the waitress saw what had happened she should have did something about it… But that is not just in the business but all businesses, the customer is never right any longer the only saying “the customer is always right” has been out the door for years… We need to stand up to this but don’t say all people who work at places like this are bad or dumb people that just shows us how dumb & is also show how much you think you are better than the rest of the world…

      • sawblade60

        When a manager doesn’t come out and avoids the customer tells me everyone at that restaurant is suspect and to think, not one employee did anything to help this customer out. The customer is the business and if I would have been there regardless of what my position was I would have helped the customer get the mess taken care of. Can’t tell me that not one person working there didn’t know what was going on that day that this happened. I don’t think that if it were you or I that this happened to would be defending the restaurant or it’s employees.

  • sawblade60

    I find it hard to believe this story.first off, Why would the guy sign the receipt knowing that the charge is wrong? Wouldn’t you need the guys signature in order to ok the charge on the credit card? Why didn’t that worker who told the guy about one of the keys sometimes sticks do anything? Last thing about this story that makes no sense is the fact the cashier didn’t believe the guy when he said he didn’t eat $1600 worth of food for breakfast. Tell that cashier to stay off the drugs or get new glasses or even better yet, get a new brain.

    • Belle

      sometimes at restaurants and easily at waffle house (especially if you are a regular), you could just hand your card to the waitress and ask to check out. Why would you not expect the amount to be what it always is? Second, problems with registers happens all the time. I used to be a grocery store worker and I didn’t tell every customer if something was being weird or sticking in the register.. And third, it was more likely that the waitress didn’t know or want to refund the charge. Or she may of felt she could of gotten into trouble by refunding the charge.

      • sawblade60

        I would have never have left the restaurant before I had the problem taken care of and second, Why didn’t the manager come out to address the issue? This is not the norm when it comes to charging a person $1600 for one breakfast or even two. I would have fired that person who rang up the order. I would have called the police and had them come out to make whoever that manager was and had them come out of hiding and made the manager fix the problem. $1600 is not something you blow off and to have that restaurant respond they way they did shouldn’t even be in business.I think the restaurant’s staff should go back to school to learn how to add before reopening.

  • Sarah Shoemaker

    I used to be a service oriented worker. We were told Customers are always right. That is because customers pay your paycheck and bad publicity cost more than the refund. Always tell your manager when there is a problem because then it lies on their shoulders. I may not always agree but I just knew that. Customer service is not like it used to be.

  • Cin

    Typical Waffle House will never eat there as the last one I was at 6 years ago had roaches whats in one is in all I say cashier had the brain of a roach

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