Growing Up Gosselin: Watch Twins Awkward Interview on Live TV

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Their show has been off the air for years now, but two of the eight children who starred in ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8,’ are making headlines because of an interview on the ‘Today’ show.

Kate Gosselin appeared with her 13-year-old twins, Mady and Cara, on Thursday morning’s show to clear up things about her family and let everyone know her children are fine.

But, the interview turned awkward when the girls wouldn’t answer questions.

Kate tweeted after the show.

And, her ex had something to say, as well. Jon Gosselin told TMZ he felt terrible for his daughters, saying the whole thing was “horrible to watch.”

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  • Dave

    why do we even care about this family. They are all screwed up because Kate is still pimping them out. Why doesn’t Kate get a real job. No one should care about this. We have bigger problems to worry about. They should see how children are while their father or mother is fighting a war with no benefits??????

  • angey1

    Its a shame to see this.I feel john a little.kate is doing the same thing she did to john.its very parents .I think the whole family needs therapy and fast.those kids are growing up and if they dont get help .who knows how they will turn out.

  • kathie

    Give them a break — they’re only thirteen years old. They shouldn’t have been exposed to a live interview without a lot of coaching. Heck, I don’t think I would even be able to talk much in front of cameras. People should just back off.

  • WOW

    I don’t think I would say a word either if my Mom was sitting on the couch between my twin and I glaring. Kate’s comment, “Go ahead, here’s your chance. Speak up” was rather threatening. Kate’s a real witch. I can only imagine how life is at home.

  • jenni

    Don’t pick on the girls!! They should be allowed to have a normal life, and they clearly don’t. I would have clammed up too, their mother is an attention seeking missile and probably never shuts up.

  • Karentheis

    They don’t want to be on tv like they’re mom does .she has fallen lower than low dragging them on one wants you so you figure you will get on tv through them again

  • you have issues

    I think Kate is a terrible person for using her children to make money and she was absolutely a total B***H to jon in their marriage.

  • Ann

    Did you see the way she was looking at her daughters? Those girls have money, but I had a real mom. I wouldn’t trade. The interviewer didn’t scare them, but I think Mommy did.

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