Dog Shot, Killed After Attacking 6-Year-Old

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LORAIN, Ohio -- A pit bull attacked a 6-year-old boy in Lorain, and police were forced to put the dog down.

Several people caught the incident on video.

It happened in the 600 block of 13th Street Monday. When police arrived at the scene, they found two dogs fighting.

The pit bull attacked the boy. The boy's pet, a black lab named Killer, came to his defense and was also attacked. Police used a taser on both dogs, and when the pit bull didn't stop fighting, they shot it four times.

The pit bull's owner also tried to stop the fighting and suffered a hand injury. He has been charged with dogs at large, which is a misdemeanor.

No one knows why the dog attacked.

"He grabbed him by his shoulder first and pulled him down," said Kristen Tucker, the 6-year-old's mother. "He probably would have ripped his shoulder, too, but he had a good thick coat so he couldn't get anything, so it moved down to his legs."

The boy's lab was also injured but is at home and expected to make a full recovery.


  • Andrew

    BTW a good way to stop a dog fight is with your car horn or your test button on a smoke detector. If you have pit bull you may want to buy a boat horn from kmart. Also, don’t be stupid and buy a pit bulkl when you know their not allowed in your community.

  • g

    Here we go again , media giving pitbulls a bad name when it is.the owners.of these great dogs. So sick of pitbulls vs the media. Arrest the owners for not knowing how to raise the dog properly.

    • Amber

      I so agree with g because the only time media gets involved with pits is when something bad happens. They’ve only done one good story about one saving a family from a house fire down here in canton but didn’t put the breed in the story go figure. They are good dogs just depends on who raises them and trains them. Don’t blame the dogs blame the owners and the owner.

    • Robin

      Completely agree with you. It’s not the dog’s fault. I feel so bad for these dogs that are given a bad rap. Poor things.

  • SoSueMe

    The officers did exactly what they should of done, kill the dog. Too bad the dog suffered because it had an irresponsible owner.

  • Ryan C Hassinger

    Seems a bit suspect that the video starts with the lab pinning the “pit bull” on the ground with its mouth around it’s throat until the owner pulls it off. They only released a small portion of the tape so we can’t see what really happened, but it seems like the lab was just as aggressive if not more.

    • joker73

      Do you walk around with your phone recording all the time? Any breed will protect their family when feeling a threat. We’ve all seen even the smallest dogs be aggressive just for walking by. The officers and Lab deserve a medal for saving that child from further harm not to be ridiculed by people like you. Great dog for protecting its human.

    • larry w

      Ok people it is the dogs owner who raised the pitbull that way and yes they arent born aggressive BUT they are a german breed used back k in the day as guard dogs thats why they are conceived as aggressive do your research before you try to defend the pitbull

  • Ashley

    im so sick and tired of hearing about “dangerous pit bulls”. you can make any dog mean. go ahead and try and shoot my pit bull and youll really have problems. grow up people and get a clue. its not the dogs its the irresponsible owners

  • g

    ya… pretty odd. Our pit is an amazing dog, actually she gets along with every dog she has ever come in contact with. Just having a newborn I can tell you she is an awesome dog with her, very gentle (clumsy sometimes) but would not hurt a fly. These owners need punished, and the media should not be able to label the dogs in these stories.. I have seen other stories where they say it’s a Pit and it’s not even close to a pitbull lol. Sad story..

  • Mo

    I just got a pitbull puppy and she is the sweetest thing. I am tired of people blaming the breed, blame the idiots who raise them.

  • B

    For all that are attacking the media over this attack the woman clearly stats in the video it is not the breed but the owners. She also said they are good dogs and had some herself. I am sick of people always saying the media puts a spot light on pits wrong. I just watched on a news report where 2 great danes attacked and killed a woman so stop attacking the media. Start attacking the people that have the dogs that attacked. Maybe then people will start raising their dogs properly and the attacks will stop. Dogs need to be exercised and if not they can turn, and breed can.

  • Lori

    Funny you say the lab was just as agressive. No the lab was protecting his kid. I own and raise labradors and they are far from agressive. Any of my dogs would attack and fight off a human or animal that came after one of my kids as well.

  • Dawn

    Time after time, these stories come out and everyone just ignores the facts. Wake up people! For crying out loud people, we are talking about a CHILD being attacked!! If pit bulls need specialized care, then only people who are experts in that field should own them. According to the report, the lab was defending the child. Thank GOD for the lab who was at least able to divert the pit bulls attention from the that precious little boy! They are an aggressive breed…period!!

    • Brittany McGinnis

      If raised properly, in a repsonsible owners hands, pit bulls are not aggressive. Every dog needs to be treated as an individual and not be generalized for what people think they are. No dog is born aggressive, people and bad experiences make them aggressive.

    • Brittany McGinnis

      I am upset that the child was attacked and I’m upset that the best breed of dog had to suffer the consequences of a negligent owner. It is people that can’t open their mind up to the idea that pit bulls can be as good of a dog or even better than any other breed of dog that they’ve come in contact with. People need to be a little less ignorant and a little more open minded. I have a pitbull who has passed his Canine Good CItizen test and competed in rally obedience AND is registered witht he AKC nad competed in AKC level rally and placed. We are taught not to judge a book by it’s cover and the same should go for dogs as well.
      ‘A Closed Mind is Inherently Dangerous’ *End Rant*

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