WATCH: ‘Devil Robot Baby’ Attacks New York City

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NEW YORK CITY, New York — New Yorkers get the shocks of their lives — by what’s being called a “devil baby.”

Residents are lured to a remote-controlled stroller with a robot “baby” crying inside, according to Daily Mail. Then, the animatronic “baby” jumps up, screams, vomits and even makes rude hand gestures.

Their horrified reactions are all caught on video.

It’s all a prank by the makers of a new horror film, “Devil’s Due,” to promote their movie.

The YouTube video of their victims’ reactions has been viewed more than 8 million times.

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  • Josh Kirschner

    I don’t get how anyone could think that that is stupid; 13 million views on a YouTube video in such a short time? For the purpose of promoting a movie, that is quite clever actually.

  • Mrs. P

    Mrs. P. writing: This is disgusting! De-humanizing anyone let alone a baby is abhorent. We have become a desensitized human race. We do not see any harm in killing babies, we do not see any harm in watching killings on Tv in movies, We even have “games” to teach children how to kill and mame and not bat an eyelash……I know this is not the norm, but I believe it should be the norm…..killing is wrong, laughing at another’s deformaties is wrong, and we want to know what is wrong with socieity today…look around you, and I mean really look around you….! That is my rant today and I do not apologize for it, you can find laughter in other areas…..

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