Union Reps Speculate Ford Layoffs Could be Temporary

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AVON LAKE, Ohio -- Union Leaders are speaking out about hundreds of potential layoffs at the Ford assembly plant's Avon Lake facility.

Half of the workforce, roughly 900 workers, could be laid off as early as this summer. Late Wednesday afternoon, union leaders speculated that the layoffs could be temporary.

Still, the area could take a huge economic hit if the layoffs become permanent with the plant generating $1.8 million in tax revenue.

The company said that with the all-retransmit van starting at the Ford Kansas City assembly plant later this year, the plant in Avon Lake is preparing to balance out the e-series van production and as a result, certain shifts would be eliminated.

Will transfers for workers be granted or early retired packages offered? Officials said it's too early to determine.

"There's a great deal of concern," said UAW Local 2000 President Jerome Williams. "I mean you're talking about their livelihoods here. If any of our members are laid off for any extended period of time you're talking about reduced income so there's a great deal of effect on their household at that point so there's a great deal of concern."

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