Mother’s Thank-You Note Goes Viral

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A mother’s note thanking a man for the kindness he showed her autistic daughter on a plane ride has gone viral.

Shannel Mouland’s letter to the man in seat ‘16C’ took off after she posted it to her blog, according to the nydailynews.

The woman wanted to thank the businessman for entertaining her daughter on a U.S. Airways flight from Philadelphia to Bangor, Maine. Mouland said she had a lot of anxiety about the trip because traveling with an autistic child can be unnerving.

She said her fears were calmed when the businessman next to her engaged her daughter  in conversations, and the little girl was enamored by him. She even called him ‘daddy’ and began stroking his arm.

It wasn’t until Mouland got home that she realized how pleasant her flight had been. She posted about the flight on her blog.

A woman who knew the man in ‘16C’ saw the blog and contacted him. His name is Eric and he reached out to Mouland.

The family said it is now friends with the kind stranger.

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  • Phil Mann

    what’s up with that last sentence for 8? (It is) the sentence should read ” The family said they ARE NOW friends with the kind stranger” who does the editing at your office?

    • CStamper

      Phil – “Family” is singular. “The (one) family IS now friends with . . . ” Though it sounds a bit awkward, the original wording is correct. To say “they are now friends with . . . ” correctly, the author would have to be referring to a plural subject, in which case he/she would have said something like “the members of the family are now friends with . . . ” or “the family members are now friends with . . . ”

      There are constant errors in online media, likely because of the fast pace of generating and posing articles. However, this wasn’t one of those errors.

    • CStamper

      Let’s not over-look the great story contained in the article because of possible human error in the writing / editing. There’s enough bad news in the world today that it would be beneficial for all of us to recognize and rejoice in the good and minimize what is trivial / negative.

      Both the business and the mother did what most of us should do more of, which is – take the time to be kind to and/or communicate appreciation for one another.

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