Police: Delivery Driver Robbed, Kidnapped and Raped

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CANTON, OH — Canton police are investigating the robbery, kidnap and rape of a pizza delivery driver Monday night.

According to Canton police, officers responded to the 2300 block of 14th Street N.E. around 9:20 p.m. where a local pizza delivery driver was robbed at gun point by two armed men.

The victim was reportedly placed in the trunk of her vehicle and was driven around before the suspects stopped at a wooded location on 17th Street N.E. Police say the victim was then forced to engage in sexual conduct before she was left at the location without clothing.

Detectives arrested Jeremy Joseph, 20, and a juvenile at 1421 3rd Street N.E. Evidence of the crime was also recovered at the address.

Both suspects are charged with Aggravated Robbery, Kidnapping and Rape.

Joseph is expected to be arraigned at 9 a.m. on Thursday.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Canton police.


    • M. Beck

      My daughter is suffering. The acts of violence and terrorism that were committed on her are unmentionable. One perpetrator has a long history of crime.. When is the justice system going to realize that these thugs donot need 2nd and 3rd chances.. this man is a menace to society.. He took my daughters rights away… Now his need to be removed indefinitely… I hope he dies in jail…

  • carol slates

    Stupid pigs. Thank goodness they are stupid so they could get caught.
    I doubt if the punishment will fit the crime. The punishment needed wodn’t be allowed by law.

  • John Smith

    Animals ……. savages …… street garbage …… sound like any familiar group to you? The justice system had better get with it ……. tough on crime not extended social services!

  • cj

    Prayers extended for healing of the victim. Her wounds will remain with her for a lifetime. Unfortunately the scum of the earth will get some light sentencing that never will be justice for the degree of the crime.

    • T

      Exactly! White people seem to always disrespect blacks and call us negros but when it’s their own race thats raping they neighbors kids and putting 9 year old girls in dumpsters, then there’s complete silence.

  • 2jays

    Well I can’t relate myself. However nobody molest their young as much as you guys. Talk about a messed up race. The world would be way more peaceful without you guys. Sure the ghetto is messed up for many reasons that lead back to you guys.

  • 2jays

    @t I can’t wait to see another news post about these evil pervs so I can take the time to make stereotypes and what not. You guys are real tough spoken over the net. Why does it stop there? I say you get shirts that say I hate blacks or something and express it but u don’t and won’t because we would beat the stool out of you. Closet racist and forget the rebel flag that’s not enough to stir me up walk up and call every black guy u see the n word

  • Jack

    I believe you meant “he’d” or “he would”. I’m guessing you missed a few English classes. Education must not have been a high priority for you.

  • Angela

    Why are all these comments turning into a racial battle? This is not the place to battle over this! Crime and criminals come in all forms, shapes, and races. So please if you cannot comment intelligently maybe you should not comment at all…prayers go out to the victim.

    • John Smith

      Race has nothing to do with it …… it’s just that too many BLACKS commit too many crimes while the racially righteous make too many excuses for the “anointed minority” …….. wake-up, open your eyes and smell the BBQ!

  • Tracie Chester

    You people? What is wrong with all people.. This girl was raped who cares what color the assailants are? I pray that this young lady can recover from this crime..

    • Al Rinehart

      You’re right. Personally don’t care what color the animals are. These men need dealt with. Be strong young lady. Remember. This wasn’t your fault!

  • Kate Hostutler

    Those that call racism are 9 times out of ten the most racist of them all. What does it matter what color they where? I don’t care if they where freaking purple!!!! They robbed, kidnapped and raped a girl!!!!!!!

  • ziggy

    It’s not race, it’s culture. But, most of the people raised in this thug culture just happen to be of one race.

    • John Smith

      Oh yeah, it’s culture alright …… it’s the perverted BLACK subculture with its disgusting, vile, and insidious lifestyle that’s like an intrusion of BLACK cockroaches infesting one neighborhood after another.

  • Kevin

    cut off their junk and put them in jail for life…. or could just execute them both ( that would be better ), especially the juvenile… he needs to learn a big boy lesson and not to be placed in juvenile detention.

  • Joe Code stud

    Oprah was raped by two black men when she was young but all you hear her complaining about is that a sales clerk refused to show her a 48k$ purse. Where’s Jesse and where’s Al?

  • Kari

    Prayers for this young woman. And by the way. This in no way, shape , or form should be about race. This is about a HUMAN BEING. Grow up and refrain from replying if you are going to make this about you. Because it’s not about you.

    • John Smith

      Contrary to your racially righteous, Pollyanna mindset, it is very much about race …… the perps were BLACK …. not maybe, not almost …… BLACK …… AGAIN! For how long do we keep making excuses for these BLACK savages and their heinous, despicable acts? Afraid to be called racist for telling it like it is? …… and it’s BLACK!

      • Mobetta Jenkem

        John, I’m afraid you’re wasting your time and effort.

        These “Race has nothing to do with it!” loonies know the truth deep down in their hearts, but are so loathe to admit it they have to keep parroting the same nonsense over and over again, if for no other reason than to try to convince themselves it might be true.

        They’re practically hopeless as a result.

  • John Smith

    Notice how the crimes have become more violent, vile, despicable ……. more like the jungle and the jungle people with their cannibal, animalistic behavior ….. is this what Planet of the Apes supposed to be like?

  • Mark Brennan

    Facts remain people.

    More % of blacks in prison than any other race per population. Why?
    Because they just don’t care. They just wanna blame the white man.

    No one alive today ever owned one. My parents never owned one either.

    Let it go. It was longggggg ago.

    Remember a white man freed yah. Stop making excuses.

    Personally, the DC Snipers should have been let out and given thugs to take out. Should have put them to work taking out the street garbage.

    If you don’t carry a gun, you WILL be a victim. Just a matter of when???

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