Plugged In: Childless Couples are Happier

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A new study finds that couples without children have happier marriages.

According to an article posted on The Telegraph, people without children are more satisfied with their relationships and are more likely to feel valued by their partner than couples with children.

Open University conducted the study.

Researchers found mothers were happier overall than any other group. Childless women were the least happy.

Men with children appeared to be slightly less happy than those without.

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  • Jim

    Scott Sables new look makes him resemble a Ken doll. Duck Dynasty doesn’t need a weather man on their

  • Judy Bateman

    Children are the future. If there are no children, there’s no future. However, People should decide to have children because they will love and take care of them. When you give birth to a child you never what the child may become, all you can do is pray.

  • Linda Ritenour

    today’s people are the “me” generation. they are too selfish to be good parents. parenting requires giving love, attention, as well as correction to children. With proper parenting, you can take your children anywhere without being ashamed and people will complement you on your well behaved children. Plus your life will be much more fulfilling, marital love will be deeper. all these things take commitment and willingness to put others before self.

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