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A chef who found himself in a predicament decided he would let the Twitterverse weigh in.


According to The Huffington Post, Grant Achatz took several complaints from diners at his Chicago restaurant because a baby was crying.

While that’s hardly a crime, it’s important to note the restaurant in question is ‘Alinea,’ a $265-per-head kind of place.

The discussion about children in fine dining establishments took on a life of its own.  Many offered their true opinions and others joked about the situation.

Before long, a new Twitter account was born.


  • SoSueMe

    Get a babysitter. A parent should have enough presence of mind not to take a baby or toddler into a fine dining establishment. Other patrons do not want to hear a squalling child when they pay that kind of money out. The chef shouldn’t of had to be put in that position to begin with. You and your kid go to McDonalds. Come back when you have a babysitter.

  • Sue

    I think if a child cannot behave in a family restaurant, don’t being them to a fifine dining establishment!
    And a baby does not know fine dining from family. It they are tired, they are going to cry!

  • Andrew Howell

    A new born baby or even up to a year old you can tolerate a little crying , stop being a snob. If the kid is running around (toddler) and miss behaving then yeah it might not be the right place to bring a kid. go to MCD’s and let them play in the playroom

  • jeff

    they should have an adult section and a child section in every restaurant.when me and my wife go out to eat we like to re;ax and enjoy ourselves not listen to a bunch of kids running around crying

  • george johnston

    Just like some establishments have a no-gun rule with a picture of a gun in a red circle with a slash through it, same thing should be put up for babies. NO BABIES. No one has the right to disturb other paying customers with a squealing baby. Leave them in the car or at home or down have them at all.

    • Judy

      Yeah George you would win parent of the year award, sure leave the child in the car, are you really as stupid as you sound?

  • Joe Harmon

    We did not bother going out to eat till our children could behave themselves. Children come first. If you decide to start a family then expect there to be road blocks. Just a simple sacrifice for us, no big deal.

  • Mike

    Let babies come in but treat them like adults. If I went into a restaurant and started screaming and yelling, I’m positive the owners would throw me out if I didn’t stop when they asked. Just ask the parents to do the same with their child and if they can’t correct the problem then ask them to leave without charging them. I’m sure they will more than make the money back when other patrons saw how well they dealt with the problem.

  • Mhenry

    I have raised my children, and when my husband and I go out for fine dinning, we don’t want to hear children crying! Have some respect for others, get a sitter! Or order carry-out!

  • Randy D.

    they should not ban children from any restaurants…..they should though inform you that if your child is gonna be noisy or disruptful then they are going to ask you to take them out of the restaurants. I LOVE FOX 8 in the morning

  • Tonya

    Banning babies would ban breast feeding couples / families or groups. If its fine dinning, then let them put in a couple sound muffling cubbie nooks where a parent can take a ultra fussy child till they quiet down. I dont mind a lightly fissy baby, but a ultra fussy needs somewhere to go to recollect. Babies & children are not parasites.

  • Bianca Bradley

    What a bunch of whiny people. OH my gawsh a baby is crying, lock it up, our poor ears. Get real people.

    I took my toddler to a fine dining restaurant, when I was in Washington. She did fine. No crying, no whining and she enjoyed the over priced french food, that was just rich peasant food.

  • pam

    how about banning cell phones and the people that think everyone else wants to hear their conversation!!!!!!! thats more enoying than a crying baby!

  • Diane Wattets

    It says FineDining. If you want you kids along with you then go to a family restaurant, not an expensive establishment where patrons are perhaps celebrating a special event. I could just see a man trying to propose to his special lady at this special restaurant and all you hear is a baby screaming in you hear or kids yelling and acting up. Not appropriate. But then more and more people are getting less considerate and using no “common sense”.

      • Bianca Bradley

        Nope, we should do what all the old timers did and give Laudanum to cranky people, young or old.

        Oh right, I guess when you look at history, you realize things weren’t so bright and shiny back then were they.

    • SoSueMe

      It’s called an ‘all about me’ and a self-absorbed inconsiderate sociaty. These types of parents figure, “hey, if I have to put up with my child screaming while I’m out dining, so should you.” I don’t blame the child, I blame the idiots the child has for parents.

    • Bianca Bradley

      Respect? Right, because asking people to go to a different bathroom, due to their skin tone was respectful. Or was it respectful to tell women they couldn’t do a certain job, because of their gender? It certainly isn’t respectful to kvetch to death about a couple bringing in an 8th month old to eat. It certainly isn’t respectful to support banning a bambinos and then sit there and complain roundly about how no one has respect anymore.

      You want respect, give it.

      • Judy

        Your another one that has no common sense and it’s sad, too bad you don’t know how to keep on topic.Take a child to a famiiy raturaunt hense the name.!

      • Bianca Bradley

        I have taken a child to a fine dining establishment and she was fine. She was also a toddler. No diners were harmed during the process either.

        When you can’t win on the respect issue(which with your comment I can’t respect stupidity, completely negates your point that you give it, plus the attack of you don’t have common sense do you) you go after common sense.

        Some babies can handle restaurantes. The child may have had a bad night, unexpectedly. Who knows and frankly I don’t care.

  • Pansy McGinnis

    The comments on this thread are beyond pathetic and immature. “Baby Haters” is what you are. Seriously people, the tolerance of supposedly tolerant people is NON-EXISTANT. So let’s ban babies and children, then the elderly because they move too slow, and then finally all those who don’t meet the “standards” of the owner’s idea of “ideal.” So it would be ok if say said people were dining at fast food rather than an expensive restaurant? Wow, next we should all go into McDonald’s and complain about all the fat ugly people eating there and make them leave. Oh wait, they were all at this lovely restaurant complaining about an infant! SMH

  • Lori

    I have a baby and sometimes it’s hard to find a sitter.I also bring snacks drinks and toys to keep him occupied but that doesnt always work. I like to enjoy my dinner also and usually my son does well….when he doesnt we try and hurry as best we can so not to inconvience others.

  • Allison

    when most people go to a restaurant like this, with all of its inherent cost, they are people who are expecting and leisurely and perhaps romantic dining experience. They’re not expecting their evening to be disrupted by the sounds of a baby wailing. I love children, & I am NOT saying that parents should not be permitted to take their babies into public restaurants or any other establishment, but there is such a thing as common sense. I would not take my infant child into a restaurant like this. Babies are unpredictable, & I would not want to spoil other people’s experiences simply because my baby was crying. This is what sitters are for. if you can’t afford a sitter, it’s likely you can’t afford to eat in a restaurant where the normal bill is $600, and if you can afford a sitter and opt to take your infant into a place like this, I would think you’d have to expect some backlash should the child be unmanageable.

  • Isaiah Phillips

    6-21moths!!! I didn’t come to this place to eat and hear your outta control
    Kid hollar!!! Sorry. And I don’t want to pass judgement on how slow you reacted. . This also should say I don’t want to sY that any parent is a bad parent, when I think thay tou went to far..

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