Brunswick Copes with Deaths of Two Students

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BRUNSWICK, OH -- The Brunswick community is once again dealing with the tragic deaths of two students from Brunswick High School.

Fox 8 News is not releasing the names of the students or showing their pictures out of respect for their families and the district.

"You feel it, all the emotion in the hallways," said Alexandria Bowen, a student.

There are notes of support that line the hallways of Brunswick High School.

"This weekend we found out that we had a freshman student who commited suicide.  Then later on in the day, we found out that we had another student who had also commited suicide, a senior," said Superintendent Michael Mayell.

Tuesday, grief counselors were on hand at the high school.

"The kids have already started programs. They've taken sticky notes and stuck a compliment on every single locker in the building. They are sending a message to each other, letting kids know that suicide is not the option and should never be the option," added Mayell.

Brunswick is a district that has become all too familiar with loss. The high school has lost 8 students in the past 3 years.

"The biggest problem we've been encountering is social media.  There have been a lot of things posted that are inaccurate. We've been trying to tell kids and parents you have to be responsible and ethical when using social media," added Mayell.

"I hurt for my child, I hurt for this community.  I hurt for everyone involved, I hurt for the schools," said Julie Powers, a parent.

So much hurt, that a few parents started a Not One More Death Facebook page.

"It's parents trying to collaborate with the school to raise awareness on suicide, on bullying, on mental illness, advocacy. Parent advocacy," added Powers.

Grief counselors will be available at the school for students and teachers who need help coping with their loss.


  • Ace Wimblington

    Kids of today are coddled and not prepared in any way for loss, or to lose, this is the result. I’m not blaming the parents, but rather, society in general. There are no participation trophies in real life. Prayers for their families and friends.

    • ann

      i had a family member work there for a short amount of time. kids picking on kids and going into different groups of whose parents were working and ones who don’t, and told not to associate with them. why would anyone be excempt from being friends? this was mentioned to the proper people, nothing was done. WOW to hear this heartbreak. pay attention when something is mentioned, if undecided, listen
      this is plain maddness. thank goodness for KARMA for the kids that couldn’t think for themselves.

  • Jennifer Biggs

    Really Ace … i beg to differ with you my child has known more loss and pain then you have in your entire life and she is only 15 …. more then not all these kids have they see what is happening to our world and feel powerless to do anything about it its up to us to empower them instead of deal with being beat down by all that is going on… dear god i hope all get a clue soon before we loss more lives

  • Wow

    What I don’t like is the school administration and the other students are so quick to say this person was awesome, they mattered. If bullying is the TRUE reason why these young men ended their lives, then they weren’t treated as if they mattered. You don’t have to “coddle” kids like Ace so lovingly said, but at least treat people like human beings. You don’t have to like everyone in life, but you certainly don’t need to treat them like dirt under your feet either.

  • save_humanity

    “at least treat people like human beings.” Yeah…OK….yet let us support bullies like Duck Dynasty, Westboro Baptist, and the people selling their products like Wal-Mart…Keep living in fantasyland…Cleveland region is a hateful, angry and racist why nothing good happens here….even bad sports teams.

    • cujo

      What in insensitive comment! You’d think someone with a screen name of “save_humanity” would have a little sympathy for the families.
      Oh and since you have proclaimed your disdain of Cleveland, why don’t you move?

    • TeufelsAdvokat

      If you bothered to read the entirety of Phil Robertson’s interview, you would know that Duck Dynasty does not support bullying. He said he loves all of humanity; it isn’t that he hates homosexuals, he just doesn’t relate to them.

  • Linda

    As much publicity that bullying is getting, if you talk to your kids or even grandchildren, it’s still going on.

  • Michael Olshewski

    Amen, I was raised if you don’t have something nice to say about someone, don’t say nothing at all. We as parents need to tell our children we love them and they are important in our lives. I’m not saying in any way shape or form that their parents didn’t tell them that, but these kids are so impressionable at this age and comments or bullying are hurtful, and if the kids aren’t prepared for it, this is the result. what is it in a child’s mind that makes them say “I’m better off dead?”…my heart goes out to their parents and siblings, and the rest of their family. Kids today aren’t taught “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never harm me.” Social media is the problem, it’s full of bullies and someone who has nothing nice to say because their life is miserable and they want to make everyone else’s life just as miserable as theirs. I’m sure someone will say something negative about what I’m saying, but I’m an adult, I know how to deal with idiots.

    • Christian

      what is it in a child’s mind that makes them say “I’m better off dead?”

      Emotional and Physical harm.Sadly,they never would have been the same.Im still not a couple years later.

      I just wish people wouldn’t drive another person like me,into thinking about doing something like this.

  • Lynn Bozin

    I feel sorry for the families. But I also blame the schools and the parents of the children that harassed these boys.. i know 1st hand that when a high school student is being bullied and harassed and you go to the school for help they blow it off. They need to talk to the parents of the kids that are harassing then the Parents MUST TALK to their kids! Plain and simple! You put that child on this earth, YOU and You alone must deal with their behavior! I hope that anyone who made a negative comment to those boys are haunted forever by their actions,

  • Mona Smith

    After reading what everyone has to say, this is what struck me the most: Mayell’s comment: “We’ve been trying to tell kids and parents you have to be responsible and ethical when using social media,” added Mayell.”
    Why doesn’t Mayell practice what he is preaching??? He is not responsible or ethical as a superintendent. Bulling has been swept under the rug by him and his staff for a long time. The students actions and inactions are on him and no one else. It runs down hill people! If he would of acted responsible and ethical then his staff would of followed his lead. I am asking the people to pressure the school board not to renew this irresponsible superintendent contract.!!!!

  • Dave

    society is becoming pussified. As ace said there are no participation trophies in life. parents need to teach their kids to stand up for themselves, instead of telling them to go run and tell on someone if they’ve had their feelings hurt. Grow a sack and stand up for your self

  • rick

    its so sad to see that are future is dying from stupidity my parents has always told me that us kids are the future and now here I am with 3 boys and I tell them always to strive everyday and do there best and to protect those who cant protect them self and so far it working no one should be bullied and those who bully others are cowards punks prey on the weak is what they do people need to learn to except others as they are and if they cant don’t talk to them nor talk about them and if the schools would be more into the kids life during school hours and parents get educated on sighs of depression and behavior issues and stay more into there childrens lifes things just might not happen my prayers go out to the familys of those 2 boys god bless you

  • Mary

    My heart breaks for these families. The schools don’t deal with the bullying.they make the kids sign I will not bully paper, yet it goes on without punishment, and now it’s too late.What happened to zero tolerance?! It’s happening in every school. I blame the parents of these little bullies, ” oh, my little Johnny would never do that”. I’m sorry to say but girls are the worst at bullying. We need to teach our kids they are worth something and to stand up for themselves, but you have these bullies tearing them down. Parents and teachers pay attention and do something, or it won’t stop.

  • Liz

    8 kids in 3 years? Um, I think someone needs to look into what is going on over there. Obviously someone isn’t doing their job (parents/teachers) and it needs to be addressed. 8 kids? I call that an epidemic.

  • Jacqueline Ogden

    This school should look into “Friends of Rachel.” There is a website. I’m sure googling it would take you there.

  • Marie

    My prayers for the families, including the school family. I noticed many are commenting about bullying. Who said this had to do with bullies? I have the unfortunate experience of knowing two people who have committed suicide, neither had anything to do with bullying. I believe the reasons people commit suicide could be numerous and it seems almost epidemic at this point in time. Almost like it isn’t the last resort, but an option, it is frightening. I think more training for schools and even parents as to possible signs that a person is having severe issues of bullying, depression or other things that might be of concern. I don’t have the answers but I hope someone will real soon

  • Judy

    Some how we need to get it accross to all these kids that there is nothing that they can’t come to us with and nothing that we won’t help them with!!

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