Man Claims to Have Killed Bigfoot

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We have all heard the stories from folks claiming they have seen the mystical creature known as Bigfoot.

Some people believe the creature doesn’t even exist, but one man says Bigfoot did exist and has proof.

A Las Vegas man has come forward claiming to have killed Bigfoot and that he has the pictures and video to prove it.

‘Master tracker’ Rick Dyer told WDAM-TV in an exclusive interview that he killed Bigfoot outside of San Antonio, Texas in September of 2012.

Dyer told the news station he waited so long to come forward because he just received the body which was undergoing testing at a university in Washington.

**Read the entire story here on WDAM**


    • barbara

      I seen that…I was almost buying it till I heard that…lol…Idk we’ll see on Feb 9th …..I guess….I’d have to hear a credible medical personnel confirm.

  • linda

    If he did shoot something, hope that his “Big Foot” wasn’t another human being. Secondly, why was the story just released by the media? Last, was this so called “Big Foot” posing a threat where deadly force was neccessay?

  • Cici

    He should of injured it, not killed it. If this is truly big foot, why haven’t government scientist seize it. And if it truly is this rare creature , it features look too human. He looked like he murdered a distant cousin of humans. . We will see feb 9th

  • great

    I feel like if this were true and something as profound as “big foot” was actually shot and taken to a medical university they would do a lot more than 1 year of research and testing on the subject and even then i doubt they would just give it back to the guy no questions asked. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. This guy is full of shit

  • Erin

    The man is lying through his teeth . As someone who has studied body/facial expressions analysis, the fact is he is lying. Note as you watch the video how he never makes eye contact with his Skype webcam and is always looking to his ‘right’ ( our left). That is a sure sign of lying. He also smiles WAY too much. Another sign of trying to pull the wool over someones eyes.

  • Jeanette

    In the video the big foot had dark brown fur. In the picture it’s white and so is it’s face. This guy has lied about it before. He’s so full of it.

  • En Dangered

    Ever wonder why ‘bigfoot’ always avoids man? It’s sure sign of intelligence and the recognition of what ‘man’ really is.

  • steven

    yeah what the police do a dna test and it comes out to be someone who is just tall and hairy so he is probably thinking he is getting a reward and that reward might be time in prison lol!

  • Katie Monroe

    None of you are experts so none of you should judge if it’s real or not. Look at facts and don’t just assume it’s not real because you didn’t experience it. The jokes about the drugs you make are ridiculous. All I’m trying to say is do a little research before you say it’s not real and jokes about drugs are bad. (I’m not saying this to all of you)

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