Flooding Victim: ‘It Sounded Like an Explosion’

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ROCKY RIVER, Ohio- It was a rocky weekend for some people who live along the Rocky River after the river swelled out of its banks.

Police chief Kelly Stillman says he believes the flooding danger is over for now, as long as the river stays frozen over the next few day.

"It's just like freight trains and thunder...it was just crazy, really, really loud," said resident Tom Todia.

"It was a sound like firecrackers and a horrible thunderstorm and everyone was down here standing and the water started coming and everybody started running," said resident Pamela Baron.

People who live along the Rocky River say just after 4:00 p.m. Saturday, it sounded like the river had exploded.

Warmer weekend temperatures caused the frozen river to thaw, sending huge chunks of ice downstream, jamming it up and tossing ice into many backyards.

"We were standing here and the docks were just flowing by and the big ones were standing on their ends and were just flowing over, and a smaller one went right over top of the boat and then as the ice lifted and lifted and lifted, it just picked this boat up and put it half on the ground," Todia said.

The sailboat was partially in Tom Todia's backyard and partially in the re-frozen river. Todia's 92-year old landlord d Abel owns the boat, saying he built it himself.

"I like boating, canoeing and yachting," said Abel.

People who live along this part of the Rocky River say when it starts overflowing its banks, they all band together.

Pamela Baron and other neighbors helped get Abel to her house, and says she helps other neighbors too.

"We're in a higher point than everybody else, so when this happens, people start bringing their very personal belongings so that they don't get damaged...to our home," Baron said.

"It was very nice to have neighbors help me, very nice," said Abel.

The dock that Rocky River police use to dock their police boat was knocked loose and came to rest more than 200 yards downstream. Police say they will probably have to wait for the river to thaw to reposition the dock.

"You're just really reminded of how strong Mother Nature can be, it just takes out everything in its path," said Todia.

Residents in Rocky River weren't the only ones impacted by the flooding conditions. Folks in Willoughby were also dealing with rising water over the weekend.

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