Drivers Urged to Lock Doors After Several Thefts

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(Photo credit: MGN Online)

MEDINA, Ohio –The Medina Police Department is reminding drivers to lock their vehicles after an unusual number of thefts reports were taken.

Authorities released the alert on their Facebook page Monday afternoon after taking reports from the Oak Street area, along with surrounding areas on Sunday night.

Police urge any others to file a report if they think they were a victim.

According to the posting, cars were entered, ransacked, and items were eventually taken. Medina police did not give any clues to possible suspects in the thefts.

FOX 8 News has reached out to Medina Police officials for more information.

Residents who may have seen something, or are a possible victim, is asked to call Medina Police at 330-725-7777.

Stick to FOX 8 News on air and online for the very latest on this developing story.


  • Deborah

    Let see reason here. Unemployment checks got cut off and when you do get one check a month, you are already broke. So to feed the habit of drug users this what low life’s will do. Even alcoholic’s!!

  • Miranda

    Why wouldn’t you lock your car? Seriously? Just because Medina isn’t Cleveland doesn’t mean crime doesn’t happen. I can’t believe that this is even a news article and the guy on TV was surprised his stuff was stolen. Well, genius, if you lock your car, thieves looking for an easy pick will go to the next car.

    It can happen in broad daylight too. I used to work in Medina in the square. Our parking lot was behind our building, which was visible to us as our office had windows facing the lot. Somebody got into my manager’s car when no one was looking and took his stereo. His car wasn’t locked.

    Don’t want your stuff stolen? Don’t want to be made an easy victim? LOCK IT UP, be it your car, your house, or even your bike.

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