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Kissing your pets may be one more way you show them your affection, but veterinarians are divided over whether that’s a good idea.

Many advise against it, saying it’s possible for humans can catch something from their animal friends.

A Yahoo! Shine article weighed the risks and ended with a “kiss with caution” rule of thumb.

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  • Beth Slatky

    When they say ‘A dog’s mouth is cleaner than a persons”, they are actually referring to the filthy language and dirty words some people use. It has nothing to do with cleanliness.

  • Brenda Benitez

    Yeah they may lick down south but I will give my dog her kisses all the time.. she is more then just a dog to me she is my baby…she kisses me it’s on my face just not my lips I can wash it off.. it’s not like everyone else has germs either! Grow up!

    • JoPwr3TatBrat

      Amen, Brenda. They have cleaner mouths than cats that is for sure. I saw a lady who got scratched and bitten by a cat she owned and almost lost her fingers due to the infection that happened because of it. She cleaned the area immediately but by the next morning it was seriously infected. I got chomped by my dog washed it well and no infection. My babies are my children and I give them their kisses everyday!

  • JoPwr3TatBrat

    Before I adopted my first dog at 33yrs old, I was a year around allergy sufferer. I adopted a miniature schnauzer and although I didn’t notice it right away, within 2 years I noticed that I wasn’t getting as many flair ups of my allergies. My immune system has always been a bit low and I just lived with catching colds and sneezing and wheezing. One day I went for my usual check up and my doctor did a quick review of my recent medical history as she went over my medications list. She noticed that for the first time in 6 years I had not had my usual bronchial flair ups or allergy related problem such as severe sinusitis. She asked me what I changed in my diet, environment and lifestyle. I told her nothing that I could think of accept I have a dog who gives me daily “sloppy kisses” for the first time in my life. She said maybe that was helping me (although she said she couldn’t be sure) by introducing antibodies into my system that weren’t there before. Take it or leave it, but I believe it helped me.

  • Theresa A. Damm

    I have a cat and my cat is like my child I have raise her from a kitten and she stays in the house. I do give my cat baths with no problem, and my cat is very clean. And she gives me kisses on the cheek. I also have a dog which is a German Sherperd which I also keep very clean. And I think it is ok for then to give you kisses on the cheek. Dogs also have a healing power in there saliva, that if they get a cut or wound ever notice how your dog will lick it and within several days it is almost healed up. Are pets are like are children and part of our families, when they hurt you hurt. And when they get sick you take them to the vets to get them well again no matter what or the cost, because they are a part of you.

  • David Stevens

    I get kisses all the time from my dogs, and yes… they sometimes lick my lips. I have had 3 colds my entire life, and always only lasting a few hours. My immune system is outstanding! My dogs are my babies and I love them dearly! The dogs saliva kills pretty much every kind of bacteria you can imagine….

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