Birth Uncensored: Woman Gives Explicit Labor Updates on Social Media

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(Courtesy: MGN Online)

It’s not unusual to see a photo on Facebook or Twitter of an exhausted new mommy holding her little bundle of joy.

Her tired, yet content face only tells a fraction of the story of what she endured for hours before that point.

But friends and followers of Ruth Iorio got front row social media seats to her at-home, natural birth.

She told The Huffington Post she wanted to share her unique experience in an honest way.

And that she did.

Posts from Dec. 25 and Dec. 26 show and describe her twelve-hour birth with all of its emergencies and challenges.

The detailed account has added to the conversation about the line dividing personal and private experiences and their place on the Internet.

Click here for more of her updates, but please note some of the content may be considered graphic.


  • audrey luciano

    It isn’t any worse from what pregnancy shows on TLC networl . its a beautiful thing no need to get up tight over what we were brought to this planet to do

  • joncraft84

    Can we so loco? how stupid can we get? Maybe sharing with her family members not for everyone to see! Now she will never get that babies face off the internet…or she will never be able to go anywhere without being recognized over by this situation “oh isn’t that lady that posted everything on the social media site” I think she took this a little to far, how about you?

  • Jessica Othberg (@jessica9182012)

    I don’t know why people post there new baby all over the internet, I see tons of people doing it, I don’t do it I have a free Shutterfly account. It’s called Share Site where you post tones of pictures and videos and family members and friends can comment or what not, to me this is the safest way.

  • kathie

    I will definitely not watch it….why would she do this?!!! I can think of only one reason — extreme exhibitionism. Yuk!

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