Bed Bugs Found At Justice Center

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CLEVELAND, Ohio --  Employees at the Justice Center in downtown Cleveland are on high alert after bed bugs were discovered inside the facility on Monday.

Darren Toms, Community Outreach Coordinator for the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court, confirms to FOX 8 News that the bed bugs were found in a undisclosed area of the Justice Center sometime on Monday.

Bed bugs experts were on hand Monday afternoon to answer questions and provide treatment information to all employees.

According to the Cuyahoga County Bed Bug Task Force, bed bug numbers in offices tend to be low, increasing by periodic reintroductions; rather than through reproduction.

Toms explains that the Cleveland Department of Public Health, public health officials and pest control operators in northeast Ohio are responding to a significant increase in bed bug complaints.

However, authorities believe that Monday’s finding is an isolated incident.

Toms goes on to say that, the bugs are found in office buildings, retail stores, hospitals, buses, or any other place where people gather.

It is estimated that tens of thousands people visit the Justice Center every week.

Stay with FOX 8 News for more on this developing story.


  • mike500

    Let me get this correct. They only mentioned protecting the staff of bed buds infestation and how to protect themself of contact. And disinfecting offices and so on. What about the inmates? Has any of those agencies mentioned, checked out inmate cells and other common areas that the inmates travel to and from. The bed bugs could have been bought in by inmates,visitors, and or laundry delivery. Not to exclude any and all staff that come and go the the facility. Bed begs travel like any other insect. They find where they want to be and multiply. I think it wouldn’t hurt if they go and check inmate areas as well. Just a thought.

  • Dahai Dong

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    Chemicals kill bed bugs on contact only, exterminators use encasement to seal bugs inside mattress. Chemicals or steam can’t reach many hiding places and a bug lays up to 300 eggs, exterminators perform multiple services to kill bugs faster than they lay eggs. These methods are as nonsense as a camper sleeps outside tent, uses the tent to cover/protect a bush from mosquitoes, and wakes up hourly to spray chemical. Bush or mattress does not need any protection and you immediately solve problem without chemicals if you sleep inside tent or on top of bed-sized trap. Exterminators may rank heating entire room as the sole reliable method. It may fail because bed bugs also hide in electronics which may be damaged at 120F. Bed-sized bed bug trap easily kills 100% bed bugs by yourself no matter where they hide.

    • Linda Hershey

      you have no idea what your talking about, bedbugs bite warm blooded animals and people period, usually while sleeping. No such thing as a bed sized trap. Read up on the facts.

  • Lisa Vaughn

    Had a friend stay with me and she had them and I did’t know had to throw out my couch.. I have been using 91% Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and they are not being seen anymore but I spray every other day .
    The beds and my carpet then vacuum the carpet and bed and make sure I get around the edges and then throw out my bag.
    So far it is working.

  • Linda Hershey

    Lisa, you need not have thrown out your couch, Diatomacious earth is what you need. Alcohol only kills on contact, it has no residual value to killing the bugs after dried.

  • dales pest control

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  • panda

    These bugs are out of control. I personally haven’t had them but I know the exterminating companies will not put a guarantee on not getting reinfested well not one that is more than 60 days! My mother after visiting a local hospital brought them home with her leaving her with a exterminator bill of 5grand! They heat treated the house. For preventive measures company said to buy industrial steamer from home depot and use boric acid. 4 months later she is bug free! Anyone who needs help reply here no need for exterminator just someone who is knowledgeable and willing to do it.

  • A. Connor

    2 years ago, I took precautions to make sure I didn’t bring anything home, because it made total sense to me that the justice center could absolutely have bed bugs, since many people from all walks of life, come and go there all the time. Especially the waiting rooms and the court rooms, where people sit for LONG periods of time. THAT is the recipe for infestation: “where large groups of many different people congregate and sit for at least a few hours”. That’s why they are showing up in theaters, hospitals, churches, schools, transportation, etc. I say “BRING BACK DDT FOR LIMITED INDOOR PEST APPLICATION!!” It’s the only thing that eradicated them for over 50 years. When used in limited, restricted indoor use only, it’s not the polluting evil we know it to be. The problem came when food producers, realizing how effective it was against insects, started using it outdoors on crops, and then it became a huge environmental problem. When used ONLY for indoor use, in limited application, it can be used safely and effectively. In very small amounts, it’s residual effect is fantastic for destroying bed bugs! If something’s not done soon, it’s going to evolve into ‘only the wealthy’ being able to get rid of them, since it’s so expensive to kill them completely. The moderate to poor income people won’t be able to afford the pricey treatments and then it will be a stigma against lower income people. Totally unfair. This scourge is all our problem, together, rich and poor. It effects EVERYONE.

  • Cnote

    I believe this has been a problem for some time and bed bugs have been found in other areas of the Justice Center but the news is just now being made public. This makes me think the situation is more serious than they are letting on. Other employees have mentioned that the situation was very bad on their floor/area. Along with the large lacucarachas… the JC will have its own insect petting zoo soon!

  • dales pest control

    Panda keep spending money’s. We know whst we are doing so sad you had a bad experience with other companys

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