A View From Above: Men Start Drone Photography Business

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NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio -- More drones are coming to Northeast Ohio, as two entrepreneurs started a small company using them for different occasions.

It may look like a toy helicopter but it's a drone with an HD Go Pro camera attached so you can take great aerial photos.

A couple of months ago Michael Hach and his business partner, Matthew Vilevak, started Cleveland Aerial Media, which they run out of Hach's basement.

Cedar Point as pictured from above (Fox 8 via CAM)

Cedar Point as pictured from above (Fox 8 via CAM)

The two entrepreneurs wanted to start an aerial drone business which takes video and stills from very high above.

"We'd like to do concerts sporting events we flew over the Indians stadium and have been in talks with them -- just things that couldn't normally be achieved on the ground," said Hach.

The city of Lakewood also purchased a drone; they are using it to monitor the erosion on the lakeside cliff sand the CAM team wants to help.

"We talked to the mayor of Lakewood and we are trying to be their pilot, a lot of people want us to their weddings," said Hach.

One man was plowing the streets in North Olmsted and had to stop when he saw the drone in action.

"I saw this guy right here setting up this drone in his driveway and I said oh my god that's really neat, anything you can use those for an aerial shot is a good idea," said Billy O’Dell, of Elyria.

Hach and Vilevak plan on buying another drone so they'll be ready for the high demand once the better weather comes.

"The alternative choices that the drones bring in photography and multi-media is amazing and we are in the process of creating the market that we truly believe is going to explode," said Hach.


  • stevethevegancyclist

    You guys picked them for a story? They are novices. I have been doing aerials for 3 years and have over $100K in Octocopters and other aerial platforms flying everything from GoPro’s to Canon 5D mark III’s. Do some research before you embarrass our profession with a “company” like that! Here’s a tase of some real video: https://vimeo.com/79452647

    • stevethevegancyclist

      The castle is Squires castle a “Cleveland” landmark. Also, it’s not one octo that is $100K but an entire fleet of purpose built rigs. .To say those kids have a business with a $400 DJI toy” is insulting to those of us that have dedicated years and THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars in to this business. No stabilizing gimbal the footage is dismal. This is like calling a guy with a $20 point and shoot camera a photographer. Really insulted by this…

      • Zack

        Steve, just because you have a fancy drone doesn’t mean the news is going to find you for a story. These kids have more ambition than you and actually know how to market themselves. If you had any enthusiasm and drive, maybe your goals could happen. But your attitude is very hateful and won’t get you far in life.

  • Jim

    Sounds like there could be some privacy issues. Anyway, if it comes near my property, I will get some good shotgun practice

    • Zack

      These men who have goals and good intensions obviously want to fly in your yard to witness your sad life! Of course, why try to do something positive when they could easily spy on some scum bag? Paranoid much? Hillbillies…

  • NickFrederick

    I have to back up Steve on this. I also have thousands of dollars invested in legitimate aerial photography platforms I use for real estate and other purposes. Good for these guys for getting started but I don’t think I would be considering them “the pros.”

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