Man Frozen to Ground for Hours Shares Survival Story

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Indianapolis, IN (WXIN) — If you’d asked truck driver Tim Rutledge last week if he believes in miracles, he might have laughed you off. Yet, lying in a hospital bed, telling his miraculous story, may have changed his mind.

“Somebody’s looking out for me. I don’t know how I wound up being so lucky,” Rutledge said.

Rutledge is a truck driver from Orlando, Fla. He was on his way to Indiana with a delivery when this week’s winter storm hit.

About 6 a.m. Monday, after the snow passed, Rutledge was staying at a truck stop in Whiteland. His brakes were frozen, so he went under the truck to fix them. That’s when the truck shifted in the snow.

“It caught my left side and my left arm was pinned by the axle of the truck,” Rutledge said.

He was stuck in below-zero temperatures, unable to move.

“I wound up being frozen to the pavement in the snow,” Rutledge said. “As I got colder and colder, I was yelling but nobody could hear me.”

That’s where that miracle – or maybe something more – came in.

Rutledge’s phone was in his pocket and he was getting frantic calls from his wife. It kept vibrating and moving, eventually dropping to the ground.

“When the phone did finally come out, it came in front of me instead of behind me,” Rutledge said.

Too cold to actually dial the phone, he somehow got his voice function to work and got the phone to make one call.

“I remember saying, I said, ‘Whoever this is, whatever you do, don’t hang up the phone,” Rutledge said.

It was his supervisor on the other end of the line, and when they figured out where he was, they called the truck stop and employees there called 911 and then went out to try to find him.

“I said, ‘I just can’t hold on any longer,’ and that was the last thing I remember saying,” Rutledge said.

Employees did find Rutledge and got EMS employees to him. They had to cut him out of his frozen clothes, but amazingly he will be out of the hospital soon.

Rutledge had this message to the people who sprung into action to find him and save him just in time.

“Thank you very much to every person involved, especially the people there at the Pilot store and the EMS people that crawled under there in the freezing weather and dug me out,” Rutledge said.


  • toni smith

    You werent “lucky”…it was a miracle! The God that breathed the universe into creation…saved you. Give Him the glory!

  • Emmy

    Was it God, or technology?? He would have died if it wasn’t for his phone. So if you wanna thank anyone, thank his phone; and the guys that helped him.

  • Brenna

    I’m sure u will be thanking technology when all u ignorant ppl are in hell lol scumbags. I bet technology created you also. Stupid stupid ppl, I really feel bad for u

  • Terri Freeman

    “Stupid, stupid ppl” Says the person who believes in magic and fairy If you want to believe that it was magic that saved him, then so be it. Until then the rest of us will thank the technology and people who actually showed up to help him. (Oh and threatening us with your hell fires is like a child threatening you with not getting presents from Santa Claus on Christmas.It’s idiotic.)

  • Philly

    The negative stuff that come out of people,mouth do yall think before yall speak the person that save him was GOD he sent them people to him to save him give him glory

  • Lisa Johnson

    I’m so glad Mr. Rutledge is ok! Thank God that his phone fell exactly where he could get to it and that he didn’t pass out before calling for help! To all the Christian-hating trolls: what do you all do, just sit around waiting for people to praise God so you can jump on them and make fun? Pitiful.Haha. That’s not very tolerant. Oh, wait . . . is it only Christians who are expected to be tolerant?

    • Mark

      Lisa, are they Christian hating, or just ignorant of what Jesus did for us? If we don’t share the word with them, they can’t make a choice.

      Seems they have though.

      Maybe God will put them in a position to get their attention the, uh, hard way.

  • Monique

    God was the reason his phone went in front of him instead of behind him.. God will be the reason some of you will end up where its the hottest.. God bless him, his wife, his coworkers and the EMS employees.

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