Police: Suspected Salvation Army Kettle Thief Arrested

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Painesville Township, Ohio – The man accused of stealing a Salvation Army kettle from a Giant Eagle store in Painesville has been arrested, according to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Police said Jeffrey Gregg came into the Giant Eagle store on Mentor Avenue on December 21, 2013 and posed as a Salvation Army Bell Ringer, after convincing a volunteer worker that he was their relief.

Police said Gregg then stole the donations by grabbing the pot of money and leaving the store.

After watching surveillance footage, detectives noticed the man had spent the previous night in a blue Buick that was parked in the Giant Eagle parking lot.

Detectives then checked area business parking lots and hotels for the blue Buick. After a few weeks, they found a car matching that description in the parking lot at America’s Best Value Inn in Mentor.

After interviewing Gregg, police said he admitted to stealing the Salvation Army kettle from the Giant Eagle.


  • tonyz@centurytel.net

    Why would you throw stones at the inn just because the guy was in their parking lot. Not fair to the inn really, the subject that stole the money must need help. I’m not saying what he did was correct, not at all. However, hunger,cold,will make a person do just about anything to survive. Lets look deeper then face value at a person that normally wouldn’t do such a thing. I think he should be sentenced to ringing that bell himself. Then going to where the monies are put to use, I’m sure it will make him feel ashamed to the point where that event will never happen again. Perhaps give his life new meaning.

      • SoSueMe

        I have a great idea for Samantha and tonyz. Since you both feel so warm and fuzzy towards thievery, why not one of you or both go post his bail? Then why stop there! Let him move in, you both could take turns keeping him. Oh, and don’t forget you two need to write him out a nice check. Problem solved.

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