Police: Oregon Couple Tipped Waitress With Meth

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COURTESY: KPTV via Clatsop County Jail

Seaside, OR (KPTV)– Two customers accused of leaving an envelope full of methamphetamine as a tip for a waitress at a Seaside restaurant in Oregon are now facing a handful of drug-related charges, according to the Seaside Police Department.

Ryan Benson, of Beaverton, and Erica Manley, of Cascade Locks, were having some lunchtime drinks at the Twisted Fish Steakhouse in the Oregon coast town on Friday morning.

When it came time to pay, they gave the waitress meth in place of a tip, police said.

Season police officers responded to the restaurant and the waitress identified the suspects, who were arrested at the scene.

Officers said they searched Manley’s purse and found a large amount of meth inside. Police also served search warrants on the couple’s hotel room and car, and they found more meth, plus items linking them to the manufacturing and dealing of the drug.

All of the evidence was passed on to the state crime lab for analysis.

Benson was arrested on charges of possession of meth and manufacturing of meth. Manley was arrested on the same charges, plus delivery of meth. They were both booked into the Clatsop County Jail.

*Read more on this story here from KPTV in Oregon.*


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      • Tiffany

        Marijuana does not “save lives” it just makes people who are sick or dying more comfortable. The medical purpose is a pain reliever not a life saver. It has the tendency to give people more of an appetite after receiving chemotherapy and will relax individuals. It has never been proven to “save lives”.

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  • Gerri Vince

    what does marijuana have to do with meth? these people are stupid criminals leaving it as a tip they should have known they would get busted for it hope they get plenty of jail time and help for addiction.

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