January 8, 2014

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You know him from Seinfeld, Dancing with the Stars, Family Feud and now – the current star of the musical, “Chicago!” John O’Hurley joined us on set today! Check out our video clip.

Chicago is on stage now through January 12, 2014 at the Palace Theatre in Playhouse Square. Call 216-241-6000 for tickets, or visit: www.playhousesquare.org


Hollywood and Dine

Inspired by Amy Adams, from the film “American Hustle,” David and John O’Hurley made some Carnitas! Take a look at our video clip!

Click here for the recipe.


Today’s Bride

December is the most popular month for engagements and with that, comes a whole lot of wedding planning! So, we invited Jennifer Fyffe, Vice President of Today’s Bride, to help you out! Click on our video clip for a sampling of beautiful bridal gowns!

Be sure to check out Today’s Bride Bridal Show, January 12th, at the John S. Knight Center in Akron.



Casa Dolce

Their name literally means “Sweet House” in Italian with homemade delicacies like cannoli and tiramisu, Casa Dolce lives up to it’s name!

Casa Dolce is located on Mayfield Road in Mayfield Heights and prepares food for all types of events, including luncheons – and will deliver!



Color of the Year: 2014

It’s a decision that can affect everything from makeup to clothes to how you decorate your house! The 2014 color of the year has been named – Radiant Orchid. Renee Sanden from Simon Great Lakes Mall showed up how to incorporate the color into our house and wardrobe – take a look at the video clip for some inspiration.




Eat Your Way Wrinkle Free

Did you know you can fight off wrinkles by eating the right foods? Registered Dietician at the Cleveland Clinic, Kristin Kirkpatrick, joined us with the need-to-know list:

  • Olive oil and olives: We need a source of good fats in our diet to help us absorb nutrients from our vegetables and fruits, keep our cells supple, our skin glowing and wrinkle-free, our brains sharp, and our mood upbeat. We also need fat to burn fat.
  • Dark chocolate: A chemical from cocoa protects skin from the damaging effects of sun exposure and prevents the skin from aging. Go for extra dark chocolate—at least 70 to 85% cocoa content. By weight, cocoa has more antioxidants than blueberries, green tea, and red wine!
  • Avocado:  Avocados are antioxidant powerhouses—but as you will discover, they have truly unique regenerative properties. Avocados contain oleic acid, the chief fatty acid in olive oil, which has been shown to dramatically cut the levels of a gene involved in the development of breast cancer.
  • Coconut (water): They help strengthen the skin’s connective tissues to help keep skin soft, smooth and supple. Both coconut oil and coconut water increase skin radiance and antioxidant protection to prevent infection and fight off free radical.
  • Cantaloupe:  Vitamin C, beta-carotene and other carotenoids, and vitamin A have all been shown to prevent sun damage and to improve skin quality. Cantaloupe is also wonderfully hydrating to the skin.
  • Blueberries: They work around the clock to protect skin from premature aging and damage and protect the cell from DNA damage. Blueberries also have great anti-inflammatory properties—remember inflammation is not just linked to disease—it is a major cause of wrinkling and sagging in the skin
  • Turmeric: a superb anti-inflammatory thanks to its superior antioxidant properties and its high levels of the super antioxidant curcumin. It also increases blood levels of the enzyme glutathione S-transferase, an important antioxidant and vital in the body’s detoxification system, to keep skin clear, firm, toned, and radiant.




Cooking: RV Show

Ever daydream about hitting the road in an RV? The Ohio RV Supershow rolls into the I-X Center starting today! They even offer RV cooking classes. We welcomed Evanne Schmarder from the RV Show into our kitchen for a quick lesson in cooking (or not cooking) on the road. She even incorporated an ingredient to keep you wrinkle free!

The Ohio RV Supershow is at the I-X Center today through January 12, 2014.

Click here for the “RV-ers Rocking Guacamole”