Download: Ice Cream Truck To Replace Music with Tweet

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A Swedish town has opted to receive a text message when the ice cream man enters their neighborhood, instead of playing loud music to attract customers, according to

People in the city filed an official complaint against the ice cream truck driver due to an increase in the music volume level during the winter months. The driver of the truck said he had increased his volume to attract more kids.

The ice cream truck owner said he will now notify residents that he is in the neighborhood via text message instead of music.

The driver will likely have to send the alerts each time the truck visits the neighborhood.


  • Michelle

    That’s dumb. For one now he has to text and drive while keeping an eye out on kids and how will he know everyone’s number.

  • paul

    TODD, what the helll is wrong with u.
    did your mom not let u get icecream when
    u were a kid. it is one of the best things about summer…

  • Bryn Pierce Heffern

    When we were younger there was 1 truck that would drive slowly through the neighborhood once or twice a day. Now, the music blast’s from early in the morning until late at night, multiple trucks. I don’t mind a couple times a day, but not all day.

  • Kathy

    That is ridiculous kids need to be kids. Stop taking their childhood and let the enjoy some of the kids we had as we grew up.

  • stephanie

    Why would you mess with a tradition? The excitement you get when you hear that music come down the street. I’m 29 and I still get excited when I hear it.

  • Michael

    I think it should be banned, as Todd said, due to sleep reasons. I work overnight hours, so I usually sleep during the hours of 8am to 6pm. Mondays are a delay, as the squeal from the garbage truck keeps me awake until 10am. Then, lawn mowers are another uncontrollable issu . The ice cream music CAN be stopped.

    • ashia angles

      really? if ur that annoyed by the music, find a different shift job. don’t take away what u knew as a good childhood memory from the current generation of children. even if u didn’t, the world doesn’t relvolve around u. so many great childhood memories are already unknown to kids these days, do u just want to take them all because they inconvienience u. u already said that multiple other things keep u awake. u cant ban lawn mowers and trash trucks and multiple other things. either get ear plugs or move to a senior citizen home.

    • Lana Jefferys

      So because YOU CHOOSE to schedule your life in the opposite of the rest of your community, they are supposed to plan their daily activities so as not to disturb you??? Really???? Selfish much?

  • Patty

    In Medina the ice cream truck plays a song that is pleasant but then a woman’s voice yells HELLO! I could live without that part!

  • ashia angles

    I remember growing up and hearing the music in the distance. if they r gonna send out txt messages, that’s gonna b a lot of txts, and I hope the company provides unlimited txting atleast with the job. someone would have to be hired just to send all the messages out witch will raise all the prices on the ice cream. I thought the whole point was relatively cheap ice cream for the kids during the sumer that delivers. also, it helps kids stay outside and b active. all the video games and all. even just running to be able to wait for the truck or having to chase it until it stops, is worth the music alone. doesn’t it bring back any memories for parents, aunts, cousins, etc..??

  • ruby toparis

    used too like you till I heard you this morning I would hate too be your kid that music is music too my ears and im 68 years old

  • Daryl

    Remember Mr Softee ice cream truck. It was like Dairy Queen on wheels,soft serve ice cream, banana splits,hot fudge sundaes Yum!!!

  • Heckler

    Let’s not forget that this ban is in SWEDEN. As far as I know it’s not in this country yet but I’m sure someone somewhere will try to make it happen. Not only is it exciting for the kids and a fond memory for the adults, it’s also a safety measure. Think about it, if you’re driving through a neighborhood and hear the music you know to be extra cautious because there will probably be more kids in the area. An ice cream truck doesn’t have the benefits a school bus does to alert divers that there are kids in the area, ie a yellow paint job, flashing lights, a stop sign, and laws. All it has is the music. Leave it alone.

  • Caleb

    I’d find it less obnoxious if it was turned down and didn’t shout HELLO…maybe revive the music of the 80’s…the REAL ice cream man music

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