Cleveland Schools to Re-Open Wednesday; Akron Schools Closed

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Photo Credit: MGN Online

CLEVELAND – Schools throughout Cleveland will re-open their doors Wednesday morning.

Cleveland Schools CEO, Eric Gordon, tweeted about schools opening back up.

In Summit County, Akron schools will be closed Wednesday due to bus trouble, according to the Akron Schools Website.

Click to see a full list of school closures.


  • Keith Hedenberg

    They need to make his kids go out in this and wait for buses or walk to their schools….how inconsiderate of him…replace him. Hopefully those buildings are warm enough to defrost the kids!

  • Lynn Velez

    I think Eric Gordon should be ashamed of himself, making these children go out in this weather seriously what is one more day

  • bigdaddy

    I grew up in Alaska and never heard of a snow day until I moved to the lower 48, We went to school in -60 with blizzards so I am having trouble trying to figure out what you people are whining about. If you dress properly you will be fine I survived and kids are still doing to this day up in Alaska.

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