FBI: Robber Ordered Bystanders Into Back Room

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LORAIN, Ohio -- A credit union robbery suspect ordered employees and customers to lie on the floor and then instructed them to go into a back room during an incident Wednesday.

The CommStar Credit Union on West Erie Avenue was targeted just before 5 p.m.

"We were able to make entry into the bank with a SWAT team, all the employees and customers were found to be safe.  The male had fled the bank prior to the police’s arrival, but no one (inside of the bank) had been able to make contact with the police to verify that," said Captain Roger Watkins with the Lorain Police Department.

A day care across the street was put on lockdown for a time until the "all clear" was given.

According to the FBI the suspect is described as a Hispanic male with a thick accent, approximately 5'4"-5'5" and about 30 years old with a medium build.

He wore a black coat, blue jeans, hooded sweatshirt and ski mask and was armed with a handgun.

No one was hurt and the suspect left the credit union on foot.

A reward was being offered for information leading to the man's identity and prosecution.


  • Sandy

    That sounds like the description given by a motorist who saw the man and said he was acting suspicious. He was seen shortly after the robbery, yet before it was known the bank had been robbed. All police reported to the bank, but didn’t check this guy out. They probably passed him on the way…

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