Extreme Cold Turns Deadly in NE Ohio

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CLEVELAND — Officials with University Hospitals say the cold has turned deadly in Northeast Ohio.

One resident died of hypothermia and another was hospitalized with symptoms of hypothermia.

“They did not have adequate heating. The people that are up and ambulatory will get frostbite. Not dressing adequately,” Dr. Barry Brenner said.

According to Dr. Brenner, the two patients were brought in between Sunday and Monday.

Dr. Brenner says they were each brought in from their homes.

“This is an unusual cold snap, not just for us, but for the whole country and we need to be prepared to look after our neighbors,” Brenner said.

He also urged people to dress warmly and cover all exposed skin.

Monday evening in downtown Cleveland, many people seemed caught off guard by the severity of the cold and wind chill.

Some were not wearing hats; others did not have gloves.

“It pretty much feels like jumping in freezing water right now,” Eric Dwayne Johnson said.

The National Weather Services is warning that people can get frostbite on exposed skin in just a few minutes under these conditions.


  • Balls

    They probably couldn’t afford the heat they had to pay the obamacare premiums and were afraid to get fined do it was a fine possibly jail or heat.

    • Prof. Snipe

      Or could it be the government is broke and unable to pay their Social Security, since there were some real necessary wars we just had to endure for 10 years.
      See, I can blame things that do not have any relevance too!

  • mark

    They had to be lacking heat. Hypothermia doesn’t set in at 55, 65, etc. So sad no one was watching out for them.

  • Angela Georgia

    Its in humane..I picked up an elderly woman today who was walking carrying groceries..I drove her a mile to her place and cant imagine if she had to walk the rest of the way if she would of made it..we are not in the best finacial situation either but doesnt stop us from helping who ever when we can

  • Cathy Russell

    Fox 8: I totally understand that the story is what’s important here, but what kind of sentence is: Not dressing adequately,” ???

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