Weather Makes for Tricky Travel

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CLEVELAND -- Travel is already proving to be tricky because of the weather, on the ground and in the air.

On Sunday, there were several delays all around, especially at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

"It's a long wait, a very long wait," said Michelle Lentz, who had the plan to travel overseas.

But that didn't happen.

According to an airport spokeswoman, 50 percent of United Airlines flights were cancelled as of 6:00 p.m. Sunday. 

The cancellations made for some long lines at the airport as well, as people worked to rebook their flights.

"It was going fine until I got a phone call that said my flight was cancelled, so here we are," said another customer.

Ultimately, customers explained to Fox 8 they hope the bad weather is short-lived, so they can get moving.

"They have to get me home eventually, is my thought," Lentz said.

United has also cancelled all of its express service flights for Monday and Tuesday.  The service includes mostly regional flights.  Just to be on the safe side, all customers should check their flight status before they leave home.

People who are traveling on the roads during this storm will face different conditions, and that is why the Ohio Department of Transportation is working quickly to stay on top of the roadways.

"We had our mechanics working very hard around the clock to ensure our trucks are in tip top shape," said ODOT spokesperson, Jocelynn Clemings.

On Sunday, ODOT crews were tackling the roads as the rain and snow fell.

"We'll be using an additive called calcium chloride to all of our salt loads and that's really effective on very cold days like we are expecting," Clemings said.

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