Pictures: Residents Stock Up for Cold and Snow

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CLEVELAND -- Clevelanders are getting ready for the next big storm of snow and bitter cold by stocking up on essentials and enjoying the nice winter day, anticipating being stuck inside for the new few days.

The toboggan run was one of the fun activities at the Cleveland Metroparks’ Winteriffic event in Strongsville Sunday.

Allison Patel of Chagrin Falls was with her family and like others, found this a perfect winter day to be outside knowing they will be cooped up for a while.

"Try to enjoy the last day before it gets extremely cold," she added.

Meanwhile, there were steady lines of shoppers at area grocery stores.

Dave's Supermarket in Ohio City had some extra deliveries this weekend to keep the shelves fully stocked in anticipation of a greater demand.

Kimberly Thomas wanted to be prepared.  She and her family left the store Sunday with three carts full of food.

"When it's cold, I usually stock up before anything bad happens. That way, I know I have enough stuff in the house," she said.

Erik and Sammie Schumann shopped Saturday, but returned Sunday for a few more essentials.

"We got a bunch of extra dry beans and rice and stuff that we can make into easy meals next couple of days so we don't have to go out for ingredients,” he said.

You also want to make sure that your prescriptions are filled.

Food is flying off the shelves at grocery stores as Northeast Ohio residents prepare for the incoming snow and cold temperatures.

Photos from the Wadsworth Walmart and Heinen's in Rocky River show empty shelves as shoppers stock up.

How are you staying warm? What is your thermostat set to? What are you doing to keep the kids busy if they don't have school?

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    • Crystal

      Well Melissa storm may be only a couple of days but electricity goes out quite a bit in situations like this and usually involves thousands of places. No electricity means no gas, no heat, no stores. It can last for week(s) due to the amount of people without electricity. So some people with a brain think beyond the two days of bad weather.

      • Krystle

        I agree with Crystal! Any one with a brain would know that! Only gonna last for a few days sounds so childish! People with brains think outside the box! It’s Ohio people! LOL!

      • Ed

        People with a brain wouldn’t wait until the last minute, go into panic mode, and then stock-up on supplies, whether it be 2 days or a week. People with a brain would have purchased things like a generator, portable heaters, fans, candles, flashlights,etc. before a severe storm hit. And because you sound so much smarter than Melissa, I’ll bet you did just that. I know I did years ago, so I didn’t have to deal with you idiots at the store.

      • Yukon Mike

        Bought a small 2.5kw generator with 75′ extension cables 14 years ago due to a power outage in 0 degree weather for $300. I’ve only had to use it a few times over the years to power some lights, refrigerator, tv and the furnace. Runs about 8 hours on a 1 gallon tank of gas. Best money I ever spent. No worries about power, etc.

  • BillieJo Wagner

    They probably didn’t stock the shelf that much. and it is all so the beginning of the month so people will be doing there normal shopping. So they need to stop making a big deal about it.

  • Amanda James.

    Its good practice to keep about a two weeks supply of food for any emergancy situation especially if you live in an area like north east Ohio where weather is so unpredictable. Then you wouldn’t have these mad rushes on stores when weather is going to be bad for a few days. I think it is a bit ridiculous the people that freak out over a couple of days of bad weather. Its Cleveland people, are you surprised by this because you shouldn’t be.

  • Dave Delphia

    they blow every little amount of snow or rain up like were all going to die from it… Getting 3 inches of snow is not a storm. . its stupid and its getting old.

    • Yukon Mike

      If you listen to the media, we most certainly are all going to die. Last year I think we were all going to die multiple times due to storms, winds, snow, hot weather, etc.

  • Eric

    Storm Warning Cancelled ! At least these people will have a food supply. Never a waste. :-) Wind Chill Warning
    Expiring: 01/08/2014 09:00am

  • Rich

    People are ridiculous. They panic for no reason. If they prepared as they should, a week or two without being able to go to the store should not matter.

  • Rich

    I agree with the comments about the media…. the media loves to whip up a frenzy. What ever did we do years ago when we didnt have the news telling us all day long how cold we were and how we are all going to freeze to death.

  • Shawn Melnikas

    I don’t have thermals…I will be wearing pajama pants and two pair of socks!…I think we’re at the end of times…if you’re religious. .say a prayer for the homeless

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