Prayers for Roger: Stefani’s Update (1/4/14)

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Fox 8′s Stefani Schaefer gave an update on her journey after her husband suffered a traumatic brain injury more than a year ago.

Roger was hurt when he fell off scaffolding at a job site.

Stefani posted the update on her Facebook fan page Saturday.

For additional updates on Roger’s recovery and their journey, click HERE.

“I fall, but I always rise. I screw up, but I look for the lesson. I’ve been hurt, but I’m still here. I’m a person who is far from perfect, but I’m always always thankful. Because I’ve learned to recognize the beauty in the struggle… in the journey.” Jim Willett

I love to share these quotes with you and have for the last several months. Many of them help me as I struggle through each day – and I share them in hopes that some of them hit home or spark a bit of hope in each of you. Some of them are just powerful words that might apply to something small in your life… or big. (A daily task or a life changing move) I’ve realized that one post a few months ago made someone read WAY too much into it. I’m sorry for them that it did. I hope we can all look at these inspiring words and apply them to our own life… and not think I am trying to secretly live out my life through them! As I mentioned, many help boost my sadness and help me along my journey. As I know, we are all experiencing those journeys… big and small. It’s all relative. If a struggle seems small to someone else… it’s not their struggle – its yours and the effects on you and your family can seem great.

I have not updated you on Roger lately, because as I’ve said, it’s just too difficult to talk about. For so long, I felt that with God’s help, we were going to make him better and fix this. I see now, nearly two years later, so many things are out of our hands. The heartache and sadness and sleepless nights continues for all of us. I am working hard on learning the skill of accepting what is and what has been given. I still many days cannot wrap my head around what has happened – but now my attention and focus has shifted to helping our children as they try to get a handle on what has happened… and guide them as best as possible. Their loss in all of this has been monumental – more than words could ever describe. They hurt, they cry, they just can’t make any sense of this. This is such a crucial time for them. As I’ve said before, there is no manual for such a situation that has happened to our family. With God’s guidance, many prayers and support from family and friends… each day is a new day… a new day filled with HOPE. Thank you always for your continued thoughts, prayers and amazing notes back to me. I love to read them – especially during those nights I can’t sleep… you all help me so much! Bless you!!!”


  • Lily Raines-smith

    Stefani, God bless you and your family. My Grandma had a saying “No one knows the pinch of the shoe but the person who’s wearing them” I’ll be praying for you and your family. Ignore the negative. Satan is always busy, but God is on your side.

  • Marilyn

    Lean on Jesus and keep the Faith. never give up sista..the Good Lord will guide you thru this and give you the hope and strength to get your family thru these trying times

  • Alexis

    Each morning, when I watch you on the news, I think to myself, how in the world does she do it? Please know that thousands of us admire you and pray for you and your family every day. It is also OK to not be OK sometimes. What you are going through is unfathomable and pain is inevitable, but please always know that you have the love and support of the entire community.

  • Kim

    I’m always looking for the book on how to raise a grandchild with heroin addicted parents! So hoping I can someday write one for others out there floundering! It sounds to me like you could write the book on the “how to’s” for TBI’s! People need this Stefani! We can’t say we know it all BUT we can sure help others in their struggle! So very sorry for you and your kids and hoping as painful as it is your journey will help someone else along the way!

  • David Staufer

    The one thing that comes to mind growing up hearing the word of God and that is when we have done all that we can is when God is just starting. Remember Stephanie, The only thing God can’t do is Fail. Your always in our prayers here in Lakewood….:)

  • Becky

    I have read your posts on channel 8 since your husband’s accident. My heart goes out to you and your family; you are all such strong inspirational people! My husband was a brick layer for about 20 yrs and had to give it up due to bad knees & back over the years but had many potentially deadly situations due to that line of work. I continue to pray for you and your family to give you strength to go through this! Love & prayers!!

  • Kathy

    I pray for you and your family everyday. With all these prayers, somethings got to give eventually. Sometimes we have to look deep to see how the prayers are being answered. My heart goes out to you.

  • Susan Van Norstran

    Stefani, My Thoughts and Prayers are with you and your family now as they have been for the last 21 months. I fell three and a half years and broke just about every bone in my body from standing on a bed to change a light bulb then almost died 47 days later from Septic Poisoning after I made it home 2 months and 8 days later my husband fell 20 feet off of our roof cleaning the gutters and broke both wrists, his pelvis, dislocated his right hip, bleeding on the brain, and a big gash in his leg. My husband healed really well and went back to work a little over 3 months later I was 62 at the time and my husband was 63. After I heard of Roger’s accident I was devastated beyond belief and still think of him often and Pray that God will heal him. Stefani, you have inspired me in a way that I can’t describe and I Thank You for that. I now realize that I shouldn’t say why me because there are so many others that are far worse then I am or my husband and I Pray for them also. As Always God Bless You and Your Family and keep posting on Roger’s progress which I know has to be hard!!!!!!!

  • Teri

    Stephanie may God wrap his loving arms around you and your family and hold and comfort you through this trying time. God Bless I pray that a miracle happens in the New Year. Keep the faith..

  • Joan

    Dear Stefani My heart goes out to your and your family. Though a complete different situation, my husband took his own life 3 yrs ago this month. The whys, the what could we have done etc can make your world out of control but faith in God has helped the struggle. My adult children and young grandchildren hurt…we all do but you have to go on knowing God has a plan. You will remain in my prayers and I pray God will heal you and your family. God Bless

  • ps

    The quote is all about “I”. This “update” mentions “I” more than 15 times! Maybe that is something to think about. I am encouraged to see how many thoughts/words of “I” and “my”…I can eliminate from “my” day today.

  • Roger Beckler

    Dear Stefanie,

    I remember the morning of the accident, and Wayne reporting how you had an emergency. I get my news from several sources, but watched the FOX AM news pretty regularly. My heart went out immediately for your family, and I give thought and prayer for all of you. I lost my wife in 1999 to a car wreck (it was covered by FOX 8), and feel true empathy for you, albeit a different circumstance. As I read over the supportive messages, I feel a real sense of community. We are pulling for you and yours, Stefanie. Please know you are not alone, and that you will pull through this.

    Roger Beckler

  • blt

    My prayers are with you and your family. Some people do not believe in GOD but I know you do. Continue to trust in the LORD and read your BIBLE.

  • David

    You have been special to me and my family since you have came to cleveland, you are so sweet and beautiful, I think of your darling precious family everytime I see you, You are so loved in this time of sorrow and dispair, keep your head up and always know god is love and love is god, We love you like family and are praying for you, GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  • Rosalie

    it takes great courage to be where you are. all that you do is a testament to your character. you shine Stefanie and always will. walk with His hand in yours and you will go forward with His grace xxoo

  • joe peeper

    Stefanie our pastor gave a sermon on trials and how all of us in life will face trials. But you are enduring a tremerndous trial. May God embrace you and your family tightly in hus loving hands.Will continue to pray for you

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