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(MGN Online)

The U.S. Marines’ decision to delay a physical fitness requirement for women has sparked a debate on their role in the military.

Effective this year, women were going to be required to do three pull-ups, but Inquirer News reports more than half of the female troops at boot camp couldn’t do it.

Critics claim the women are being held to a lower standard.

The military does not want the requirement to negatively impact women’s status in the Marines.

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  • Mary Burger

    Can you please tell me if the garbage pick up will come today or not I just want to know as I don’t want to fight to get it out and then drag it back if they don’t come

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  • Catharine

    I’m disgusted that nearly half those voting in the poll don’t think women have the strength for military service!? Suddenly we’ve got 1950’s ideas again because some of the new recruits can’t do 3 pull-ups? I dare anyone who doubts a woman’s military strength to tell any of the female Marines I know that they aren’t strong enough for military service, see how that goes for you… Semper Fi Lady Devil Dogs!

    • Catharine

      I certainly hope you’re trolling. Otherwise, please do a public service, go to your closest recruiting center and voice your opinion loud and proud to the first available female military personnel. They will be happy to tell you why you do not belong in military service.

  • johm

    IN the corps in the 80s a proper Marine Corps pull Up is no thumbs touching the bar finger facing away shoulder length apart and the lower chin have to touch the bar to complete one pull up . I don’t know if they are still the same or no. That’s why they call it the few the proud the marines and you earn that glob and Anchor.o

  • Reginald Cremeans

    This is part of societies problem now – lower standards so those who can’t can. If a woman is able to complete basic training for the marine corps, then she should become a marine, if not – then no.

  • Chad

    What does garbage pickup got to do with this topic? Plus you should know pickup is delayed one day…..uhhh, like it was Christmas week!

  • richard

    Seems to me that most of the people who have responded have not served in the Marines or the armed forces. Manpower needs always trump requirements. During Viet Nam there were people who did not pass the pysical readiness test, they were men. They were given opportunities to work out and retake the test. Pull ups were not part of the test back then. The consisted of push ups, sit ups, step ups, a verticle jump test, and the 3 mile run. I passed the PRT every time I took it but if it had contained pull ups, I don’t know if I would. However, as a non-combat Marine who served his time in a computer center, I doubt I would have been thrown out for not passing pull ups. They took me with my right hand being disfigured. I believe they did this because I was in non-combat role and I blew the tests they gave me away scoring very high, specially in electronics and mechanical ability and the pattern analysis test. There are many roles, even in the Marines, that are vital but do not require strength.

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