Couple Names Boy After Alabama Football Team

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ALABAMA — An Alabama couple is receiving some backlash over their name choice for their newborn son.

Summer and Steven Steel named their son Krimson Tyde Steele after the University of Alabama’s football team, according to the Huffington Post.

Baby Krimson was born on December 17. While the family was delighted with the baby boy, they were surprised at the response after his story went viral after being posted on Twitter.

The couple is dealing with the backlash with support from other parents, including from a man who named his children Crimson Tide and Alleigh Bama.

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  • Larry Metheney Jr.

    Guess what that kid is going to hate when he gets older. It agrivates when two idiots do something like this that makes the kid get backlash because they think it’s cool! Just thinking of themselves, I wonder if they will let him change his name when he is older from humiliation. IDIOTS

  • Katrina Nauber

    And won’t the haters feel foolish when this boy grows up and finds the cure for cancer, or writes the most epic movie, it becomes our next president. They will say what a prestigious name he has!

  • you have issues

    The parents can name THEIR child anything they want to and it is NO ONE elses business!! I say good for them and I think it is great and unique. He will go on to be a fine young man!

    • Kevin

      I agree with Kristie and Nancy. It’s just a name,and it’s their son, they can name him whatever they want. His name isn’t racist or offensive so I don’t know why people are getting so defensive over it. People need to grow up and mind their own business tbh.

  • cs

    Their’s nothing wrong with that name or any name given for that matter. We as parents can name our children whatever we want. Let’s quit worrying about trivial matters like this and focus on other news items.

  • Kristle

    I don’t see the big deal here. I think names like kitty, bunny, precious etc are much worse than Krimson. Besides it’s their kid and he can change his name if he really doesn’t like it when he’s 18.

  • Sue

    Who knows, he might grow up liking and playing football!
    After all, the Cleveland Browns drafted a guy named Barkevious Mingo last year! And the Browns fans are call Dawgs!

  • kathie

    Parents can name their children whatever they like, I agree. I do think though that they’re thinking entirely of themselves and how those names reflect on them, not the poor child. I guess I am old fashioned — they lost me at the names of Blanket and Apple…..LOL LOL

  • Monica Cheatwood

    I think this is one of the most unique names that I have ever heard! It’s a cool name, sure beats A LOT of the names you hear nowadays! And like was mentioned before, at least he’s not named Apple or Star or such…

  • Cory Hamlin

    That kid has one of the coolest names in the world. He may as well be James Bond. He will grow up well liked, a ladies man, and will most likely end up rich.

  • Bull

    My daughters name is Maize.. GO BLUE :) no one did a report on her but then again it’s nice to hear something other than violence.

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