Father in Barberton Shooting Pronounced Dead

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(A picture shows Ashley Carpenter and David Kohler-Carpenter, victims of a fatal shooting in Barberton on Dec. 31, 2013.)

(A picture shows Ashley Carpenter and David Kohler-Carpenter, victims of a fatal shooting in Barberton on Dec. 31, 2013.)

(A picture shows Ashley Carpenter and David Kohler-Carpenter, victims of a fatal shooting in Barberton on Dec. 31, 2013.)

BARBERTON, Ohio —The father of two teens shot and killed in a Barberton home on New Year’s Eve was pronounced dead Thursday.

John Kohler died from his injuries around 3:45 p.m. at Akron City Hospital.

An autopsy is scheduled to be performed on Monday.

Autopsies were completed Thursday on two teen victims in the shooting.

The deaths of Ashley Carpenter, 18, and David Kohler-Carpenter, 14, were officially ruled homicides.

According to the Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office, Carpenter died of a gunshot wound to the head.  Kohler-Carpenter suffered gunshot wounds to the head.

The teens were visiting their father, John Kohler, 42, at his 7th Street Northeast home on New Year’s Eve.

His girlfriend, Rhonda Blankenship, 38, was also shot, but survived.

A call for help was made around 6:50 p.m.

Authorities believe the motive might have been a robbery, although investigators aren’t sure what, if anything, was taken.

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Barberton Police Spokesman Officer Marty Eberhart tells Fox 8 that detectives had not yet spoken with Blankenship or Kohler before his death.

The family is planning a candlelight vigil at Lake Anna in Barberton for 8 p.m. on Friday.

Police still believe someone may have information or may have seen something that can help with their investigation. They are asking anyone with information to call Barberton police at (330) 848-6709.

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  • SoSueMe

    More to this story. Dad & girlfriend lived, but the poor kids were killed from gun shots in the head…Riiiight.

  • Jim

    Kim, I agree with Sue, sounds like you know something!!! Or, are you just shooting of your big mouth??? Any way, when the scum bag(s) are caught, there should be NO trial, NO sentencing, just a PUBLIC HANGING!!!!!!!

    • Brown Amy

      Are you a Soviet state commie in hiding or something. This is America, yoh. We will always assume innocence until proven otherwise. There will always be trials. And there will always be laws that punish vigilantism. So crawl on up under your (e)stone(ia) and…

  • Amy Brown

    Everyone blowing up at Kim, I’m sorry but if drugs were involved, how can you put yourself in a situation like that and then feel liable for it. If this happened to my kids because of my drug and/or dealing habit that I CHOSE, I’d off myself for the guilt. This was no accident if that be the case. Just a prolonged truth hoping never to come to light. People are not invincible and drugs are not your everyday board game or swin meet. Sorry folks!

  • Kristy

    Why make drug dealing assumptions for all we know this could have been a home invasion gone horribly wrong and now three people are dead. We need to be sending love and prayers for the family and friends of these victims…so whether it was a drug deal gone wrong, a home invasion gone wrong or whatever we need to be sympathetic for the mother and family!!!

    • Tony

      He was selling heroin and meth my uncle deals with him No excuse for the murder however but its a DIRTY GAME!

  • Bella

    Very sad what happened to this family from what I gather about the case police might want to focus on Rhonda this was not from a unknown person they knew this person.

  • Bella

    Well drugs were involved as I said they knew the people still tragic but when you deal in the drug trade anything can happen

  • Angeie maisano

    Hello people evn if it was over drugs that doesnt give another human a rightto kill someone especially children!

  • Cindy Donaldson

    This is so sad this happen..And it is hear say about drugs being involved..People stop jumping to conclusions on what happen and what you heard..No matter what this should not of happen at all to Ashley Carpenter, 18, and David Kohler-Carpenter, 14, and there father..My prayers go for the family and there love ones..<3

  • Ruby

    Don’t matter if it was drugs or money or both don’t give the right for you to kill someone if they needed drugs or money that bad to kill some one maybe they should get a JOB! And not live off my tax dollars :)

  • Rob

    Man what the hell is wrong with you people shut the fuck up of the people I knew! Keep that shit to yourselves they were not bad people

  • Vicky

    Does anyone know if the police have checked the one guys Gf Makayla? Some things I saw posted of her FB make her look suspicious to me.

  • Robyn

    Seriously no way me as a mother would let my children go to a drug house! I feel terrible for the innocent kids! All over drugs and money smh!


    Sound like a set up…look deaper into the two brothers who robed them see if shes or the family know the robbers…its like a set up robbery…drugs and money.evel to all…who partake.

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