10-Year-Olds Write Open Letter to Browns

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(Courtesy: Mike Yearling on YouTube)

At 10 years old, they call themselves problem solvers and claim to know the solution to one of the great mysteries of our time — how to turn the Browns into a winning team.

In a YouTube video posted Thursday by Mike Yearling, three girls share an open letter to the Browns, calling for the organization to hire a head coach who “knows how to win games.”

But not just any coach.  Jim Tressel.

Yearling is a creative director/video producer based in central Ohio, according to his website.

His daughter and two of her friends make up the panel of advisers in the video.


  • Not much of a Browns fan

    Sure he’d probably win some games. But he’d have to a lunatic to take that job. Average turnover in Cleveland since 1999 for a coach is 2 years. The problem doesn’t appear to be coaching, it’s the ownership and recruiting. In fact any team in the NFL might be better to coach at (except for Oakland).

  • Isaiah Phillips

    I waa going to say, Hpw was a team of ten yr olds going to tell
    Us the public at large who was a good choice for a choach.. Then
    I read that there choice wass the great Tressel…. I shook my head and
    Said what a good choice!!!! Hope to see someone like him though.. I was

  • Margaret Hollingsworth

    First off – 10 year olds don’t need adult coaxing – I teach 10 year olds and yes they are this smart. Next – true Tressel would be up against a management that is less than cooperative with head coaches, but this also is true of college athletic directors and other higher ups. Seems like he has held his own there. As for players – maybe if he tries the Tom Landry approach and gives the thugs an IQ test, he might get players smart enough to win. Whatever, we can’t get any worse.

  • Mellissa

    I love my Browns but they need to look OUTSIDE of Ohio for talent. They need to hire a seasoned coach, not a first timer!

  • Frank Simmons

    First of, all, you have to stop paying these overgrown kids such huge amounts of money they should be paid by performance!!! A majority of them would Starve!!! For every infraction during a game, you dock them x amount of money!!! I guarantee , they will get it RIGHT!!! Drop a pass, jump off sides , run a wrong route, illegal motion, YOURED FINED!!!! No dancing after you do what you’re getting paid to do!!! no high fives or chest bumps!!! Just play the game LIKE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TOO!!!! BILLIONAIRES VS. MILLIONAIRES!!! Also get some BETTER OFFICIALS!!!

  • Ronald blake

    i beleive that its not just the coach its tge players themselves
    we need a good QB we need players who care about the game instead of a paycheck like college players dont get a scholar ship if tgey play shitty they earn it so should nfl players we need to as for tge head coach the girls might be right but remember the coach dont throw the ball or catch it we need players who would give it ygere all not just for the paycheck

  • Paul Chudzinski

    Great clip! Bring CHUD back. He has a plan, give him the 5 draft choices and if he can’t have a winning season after that then let him go. The 3 stooges we have in the front office reminds me that we have another Art Modell on our hands.

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