Let ‘Law of Attraction’ Help in New Year

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Sometimes it can feel like a resolution sets you up for failure.  You make one with big expectations and break it before you can say "Happy New Year."

Clinical Health Psychologist Lori Stevic-Rust says you should focus on goals instead, and use the 'law of attraction' to improve your life.

She shared her vision board on Fox 8 News in the Morning Wednesday and explained how one may help you going forward.

Click here for more from Dr. Lori Stevic-Rust.


  • Sharon Ballantine

    Vision boards are a great tool to help people identify things and experiences that they want in their lives. I agree that it is important to focus on how you FEEL about the item you put on the board, placing images that mean something to you (even if they don’t mean that to anyone else!) Put your vision board somewhere that you see it regularly so that you keep those images in your mind multiple times every day.

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