Reporter Bounces Back After Fainting on Live TV

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(Courtesy: KUTV's YouTube Page)

A reporter fainting on live TV may make headlines, but what this reporter did after the incident truly makes the story.

KUTV’s Brooke Graham had just started an interview about cross country skiing when her words trailed off and she fell backward.

It only took her a few seconds to come to, and when she did, she sat up and continued asking her questions from the ground.  The live report went on as if nothing happened!

KUTV in Salt Lake City put the segment on its YouTube page and said Graham was okay after the incident and gave her permission for the video to be posted.


  • Kathy Anderson

    Seriously?? A publicity stunt?? It hardly looks like it! I applaud the reporter’s tenacity for getting the rest of the interview!!! Not EVERYTHING is a publicity stunt. Some thing in life are actually REAL.

  • Linda. Puma

    I do not think this is real. Notice how the other two newscaster women chuckled. Also, if you were part of the news crew, would you really act like nothing happened. As someone who has fainted during my lifetime, you do not come back that quickly and so vigorously.

  • Sarah

    If you say it was staged, you’re an idiot. I hope she sees a doc and get a CT/ blood work done. If it’s not pregnancy its a seizure or a heart problem. Tell her to get checked ASAP!

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