I-90 Restrictions Lifted After Safety Upgrades

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LAKE COUNTY, Ohio — Restrictions were lifted from a stretch of I-90 where ODOT implemented safety upgrades following recent pileups.

The right lane of I-90 eastbound between Morely Road and SR 44 and the I-90 eastbound exit ramp to SR 44 were closed for several hours Tuesday.

ODOT planned to repair a guardrail and adjust a barrier wall there.

Construction barrels were already placed on the shoulder along the stretch of I-90 that has been problematic and additional barrels with lights will be added.

ODOT said a three-foot temporary concrete shoulder will also be constructed.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol plans to increase patrols to regulate drivers’ speed in the work zone.

Radar speed trailers will also be used to alert drivers to their speed.

Several people were hurt and dozens of cars were damaged in a Christmas Eve crash on I-90 near Vrooman Road.  Two separate accidents happened the following Friday near the same area, resulting in more injuries and damage.

CLICK HERE to read more on the I-90 crashes.


  • kathi

    great solution, add more obstacles…thank god i don’t have to drive this everyday anymore! when i do have to drive in, i will definitely take another route, even if it takes an hour longer! totally irresponsible to allow so much work it can’t be completed before winter hits and the construction stays up for the 3rd year in a row…

  • Shane

    I love how odot and the county road crews start all these projects everywhere and then don’t finish them before winter. I’m not really sure why they can’t concentrate on fewer projects and then finish them. Some of the areas will only have a few people working on them when I drive by.

  • Rusty Webker

    Face facts. The construction started back near 528 and has been completed as they move west. Do not blame the area. Blame you people who do not want to slow down. That’s what causes the accidents.

  • Jim Pauley

    hey a really odd suggestion. quit milking the project for all its worth and get it finished. This stretch of road has been under “construction” for over ten years and still is in terrible sharp.

  • Ann

    Odot is not responsible for the construction,they are just maintenance on the roads, its Allegra who is doing the construction..

  • Jojo

    I agree with Jim P. they are milking this project. If they can’t keep a schedule of reasonable time, they should be fined, This has been a minor project going on for at least 4 years. Most companies complete in 6 months.

  • jeremy

    How about slowing down! We had no spring. It delayed the project. We’re you people living in Ohio in April and may? The construction seasons are short and when you take out 2 months of it from rain, it’s a little hard to finish a job this size. Milking it? Gimme a break!

    • Shane

      How about only ripping up a section that can be completed in a season? I don’t rip off my roof to start a renovation December 1st.

      • Shane

        Oh, and prime example: the eddy road bridge to bratenhal and cleveland. They barely had enough time to rip part of it down before the weather turned. Mthey didn’t even have time to rip it all down. Why not just leave it for the spring since nothing can be done until then?

  • Jamie H

    I am a worker on this project. I did the safety upgrades today. People complain about Allega….too funny. This was supposed to be a 4 yr. job and we’ll have it completed in 3 yrs. Don’t complain about a brand new highway. Complain about the idiot drivers who are texting on their phones while traveling way over the speed limit. I see it everyday. I love how you people are experts on road work. The work zone would have been ready but the weather came to early. Fact! No slow down and stay off your phones. Thank you

    • Too Many Orange Cones in Ohio

      We are not blind the work sites are mostly empty and there are orange barrels everywhere for no reason. When was the last time RT90 was open PA to 271??? Not in the ten years I have lived back in Ohio from down south.

  • Too Many Orange Cones in Ohio

    The problem is that the signs indicate the separation into two lanes before Vrooman Road and then when you travel a short distance the later signs indicate a lane closure. ODOT needs to be more proactive in making indicators of lane changes and change signs that may cause confusion. I drove the route on Sunday and this may have been the cause of accidents. Additionally all the road work is pointless and unnecessary a huge waste of taxpayer money 3 lanes are unnecessary out past Painesville. It sounds like we need to re-look at Ohio’s road contracts where we have terrible roads despite construct construction where nothing appears to be happening. I be if Allega construction had to compete against other companies and did not have guaranteed contracts, things would move faster and be completed prior to Winter so Roads would be safer to travel in snow.

  • Think Guys

    Bottom line is that the construction that has been happening for years, is at least 95% of the problem. There is poor if not any drainage in the far right hand lanes. This causes water to collect and freeze over. The lane split going east (toward Madison) floods. The plows can not plow correctly because of all the barriers. And last but not least, most of the barriers going west have been taken down and the lanes have still not been opened. I agree that Allega construction has bitten off more then they can chew. When you drive by in the summer and there are 3 people working and 5 standing there watching, that is a problem.

    Now, a side note, the speeding has increased. The thing is, we are tired of all the construction and want to get home since the 55MPH for half our ride, adds at least 15-20 minutes. So as there is some blame with the drivers, there is a lot to blame on the construction.

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